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University of Kentucky Seminar: Practice Management for Orthodontists, Part 1: Group Orthodontic Practice

Volume 7 : Number 1 : Page 23 : Jan 1973

JCO is proud to present a series of articles derived from a course given at the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. We acknowledge with thanks the kind cooperation of the Department of Contin...


JCO Interviews Dr. James A. McNamara, Jr., on the Frankel Appliance, Part 2: Clinical Management

Volume 16 : Number 6 : Page 390 : Jun 1982

DR. GOTTLIEB Jim, let's begin at the beginning in your approach to the clinical management of the Frankel appliance and the Frankel patient.DR. MCNAMARA Before the patient comes in, I always want to k...


Management of a Relapsed Midline Diastema in One Visit

Volume 46 : Number 9 : Page 570 : Sep 2012

About 10% of orthodontic patients present with maxillary midline diastemas wider than .5mm after eruption of the permanent canines, and roughly half of these patients experience relapse following orth...


Noninvasive Management of Severe Vertical Skeletal Dysplasia

Volume 56 : Number 11 : Page 633 : Nov 2022

Skeletal anchorage now provides a nonsurgical option for resolving a combination of open-bite malocclusion with vertical maxillary excess. Dr. Chamberland describes a double-arch molar intrusion method using palatal and buccal miniscrews. Two cases of nongrowing patients are presented to illustrate the technique.



Science and Practice Management

Volume 46 : Number 12 : Page 717 : Dec 2012

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the scientific method as "a method or procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, ...



Practice Management Handbook

Volume 1 : Number 10 : Page 5 : Aug 2019

The Journal of Clinical Orthodontics is about much more than excellent treatment results; it’s also about practice management and the business of orthodontics. With that in mind, JCO editors have gath...



Taking Stock of Management Service

Volume 31 : Number 7 : Page 407 : Jul 1997

A number of management service organizations are forming, and one is already active. If enough of these companies achieve the affiliations necessary to start operations and the capitalization necessar...



Management Service Organizations

Volume 31 : Number 7 : Page 437 : Jul 1997

Do you have an arrangement with a management service organization? Although 25% of the respondents said they had been approached individually by an MSO (beyond a mass mailing), only 3% had actually si...



Digital Office Management

Volume 54 : Number 1 : Page 11 : Jan 2020

A panel of experts discusses the advantages and problems associated with digital technology in managing the orthodontic practice. Topics include the patient entry process, office workflow, measurements of success, data acquisition, remote access, and staff engagement.


Early Management of Impacted Maxillary Incisors with Skeletal Anchorage

Volume 49 : Number 3 : Page 185 : Mar 2015

Maxillary central incisor impaction is relatively uncommon, at a rate of only .06-.2%,1 but can be problematic for the clinician when encountered.2-4 Treatment options include orthodontic eruption of ...


Management of a Subgingivally Fractured Tooth with Miniscrew-Anchored Extrusion

Volume 50 : Number 9 : Page 0 : Sep 2016

Teeth with traumatic injuries, especially those in the esthetic region, can be challenging to restore to proper health and function. When a tooth is fractured below the level of the gingiva, the progn...


Digital Technology for the Management of Impacted Canines in Lingual Orthodontics

Volume 50 : Number 11 : Page 663 : Nov 2016

Upper canines are the most commonly impacted teeth, second only to third molars.1 Impacted upper canines occur in about 2% of the population and are twice as common in females as in males. About one-t...


Bridge Technique for Pre-Prosthodontic Management of Wide Spaces

Volume 53 : Number 1 : Page 16 : Jan 2019

Drs. Wilmes, Schumann, and Drescher developed this technique to facilitate lower molar mesialization in a patient with more than one missing tooth. A mini-implant of intermediate size serves as a pier to stabilize the archwire and provide anchorage control.


Orthodontic Management of Class II Malocclusion with Unilateral Transposition

Volume 53 : Number 6 : Page 345 : Jun 2019

Drs. Mendigeri, Ganeshkar, and Gogineni demonstrate the use of a modified transpalatal arch to align an upper canine and first premolar in their transposed positions before Class II correction with the Forsus Fatigue Resistant Device. An adult female patient is presented to illustrate the technique.


Begg Series, Part VII: Begg Management of a Gross Orthodontic Problem

Volume 3 : Number 3 : Page 138 : Mar 1969

This case was selected because it truly exemplifies the versatility and the magnitude of the Begg approach. It is not an ordinary case. Indeed, we have serious reservations whether or not the case cou...


JCO Interviews Martin L. "Bud" Schulman on Fee Management

Volume 14 : Number 3 : Page 190 : Mar 1980

GOTTLIEB Bud, orthodontists probably have more control over fees than they have over the number of patient starts and costs in an orthodontic practice. Do you agree?SCHULMAN Yes. I find that, in 1979,...


Bass Orthopedic Appliance System, Part 3: Case Management

Volume 21 : Number 6 : Page 0 : Jun 1987

Patient Motivation It is important to recognize that the dentofacial features that make up a skeletal Class II malocclusion belong to an individual person. From the initial visit the orthodontist must...


Clinical Management of Unilaterally Impacted Mandibular First and Second Molars

Volume 37 : Number 3 : Page 162 : Mar 2003

Orthodontic traction of impacted teeth can present mechanical challenges, especially when impacted molars are involved. Tooth impaction is uncommon, however, with an overall incidence of between 5.6% ...


Management of Pathological Tooth Migration in Patients with Advanced Periodontal Disease

Volume 47 : Number 9 : Page 520 : Sep 2013

Chronic periodontitis is characterized by a loss of clinical attachment due to destruction of the periodontal ligament and loss of the adjacent supporting bone.1 The condition may be localized, involv...


Management of Maxillary Central Incisor Fenestration with a 2 × 2 Appliance

Volume 49 : Number 7 : Page 465 : Jul 2015

A gingival fenestration is a circumscribed defect of the cortical plate that exposes the underlying root surface without involving the alveolar margin of the bone.1,2 Although the etiology is uncertai...

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