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Management of Partially Impacted Mandibular Molars Using Temporary Anchorage Devices

Volume 51 : Number 5 : Page 275 : May 2018

In a series of six cases, Dr. Di Leonardo and colleagues demonstrate the versatility of miniscrews in uprighting impacted lower molars, using various biomechanical systems to suit different clinical situations while minimizing unwanted side effects.


Management of Deeply Impacted Molars with the Miniscrew-Supported Pole Technique

Volume 52 : Number 11 : Page 589 : Nov 2018

In this article, Dr. Carmen Lorente and four colleagues illustrate an effective and simple surgical technique, using a cantilever arm supported by a miniscrew and a dental anchorage unit, to force the eruption of a deeply impacted second molar.


University of Kentucky Seminar: Practice Management for Orthodontists, Part 4: Panel Discussion

Volume 7 : Number 6 : Page 375 : Jun 1973

DR. NORTON What will be the ultimate role of auxiliaries in dentistry? DR. LINDQUIST My opinion at this time is that the role of auxiliaries in dentistry should not be expanded much beyond the present...


University of Kentucky Seminar: Practice Management for Orthodontists, Part 3: Solo Orthodontic Practice

Volume 7 : Number 5 : Page 294 : May 1973

This is the third in a series of articles derived from a course given at the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. Parts 1 and 2 appeared in the January 1973 and March 1973 issues of JCO. The S...


A New Non-Surgical Approach for Extreme Dolichocephalic Malocclusions, Part 2: Case Selection and Management

Volume 40 : Number 4 : Page 250 : Apr 2006

A variety of dental and skeletal conditions can exist within the dolichocephalic population. Figure 13A illustrates a patient with a severe open bite and an acceptable smile line in which the occlusal...



Self-Organization as Practice Management

Volume 32 : Number 7 : Page 405 : Jul 1998

The business and professional fields have been through so many management fads, it begins to appear that we are willing victims of a sect of management gurus who make a living writing variations on a ...



Blueprint for Time Management

Volume 17 : Number 4 : Page 221 : Apr 1983

Blueprint for Time ManagementIn a typical traditional orthodontic practice, the orthodontist spent almost all of his time working at the chair. As long as practices continued to grow, this arrangement...



Interdisciplinary Management of Aggressive Periodontitis

Volume 49 : Number 9 : Page 597 : Sep 2015

Aggressive periodontitis involves rapid periodontal destruction in otherwise healthy individuals - generally younger patients, though older individuals may also be affected. If it is not diagnosed early and treated appropriately, generalized aggressive periodontitis can lead to early tooth loss. The clinical appearance and pattern of destruction may vary; the most common complaints are recently noticed flaring, progressive spacing, and mobility of the anterior teeth. Such an occurrence not only affects the patient's function and esthetics, but can also be detrimental to self-esteem.



Is There an "Art" of Japanese Orthodontic Practice Management

Volume 16 : Number 11 : Page 715 : Nov 1982

Is There an ''Art'' of Japanese Orthodontic Practice Management?In common with a great many other people, I have done a considerable amount of reading about what has come to be known as the art of Jap...



The Herbst Appliance: Research-Based Clinical Management

Volume 42 : Number 9 : Page 535 : Sep 2008

HANS PANCHERZ, DDS, OD, FCDS(Hon.)SABINE RUF, DDS, DMD 280 pages, 1,089 illustrations. $198. 2008. Quintessence Publishing Co., Inc.4350 Chandler DriveHanover Park, IL 60133(800) 621-0387www.quintpub....



Mounting Models and Practice Management Software

Volume 35 : Number 7 : Page 423 : Jul 2001

Do you mount models? About a quarter of the respondents reported that they routinely mounted models, while 44% said they mounted models occasionally. On the other hand, 35% indicated that they never m...



Surgical-Orthodontic Management of a Child with Autism

Volume 39 : Number 2 : Page 103 : Feb 2005

Autism was first described and named by Kanner in 1944.1 An organic disorder characterized by abnormalities in the brain, especially the limbic system and cerebellum, it is manifested in an impaired c...



An Orthodontic Appliance Used in Management of Lingual Focal Dystonia

Volume 33 : Number 10 : Page 595 : Oct 1999

A 52-year-old lawyer was re­ferred by the speech therapy department in October 1997 due to his increasing difficulty in controlling extraneous movements of his tongue. The patient had been affected in...



Central-Incisor Substitution for Management of an Impacted Upper Canine

Volume 57 : Number 6 : Page 327 : Jun 327

Dr. Bianca Lau, winner of the 2023 Eugene L. Gottlieb JCO Student of the Year award, presents a difficult case involving an ectopically erupting canine. Three premolars and a hopeless central incisor are extracted, and the impacted canine is moved into the incisor space.



Orthodontic Management of a Patient with Linear Morphea

Volume 57 : Number 8 : Page 20230801 : Aug 2023

Linear morphea, also called scleroderma en coup de sabre, is rarely reported in the orthodontic literature. This case is noteworthy because the adult patient’s facial asymmetry was corrected with nonextraction orthodontic treatment and no surgical intervention.



Indications and Management Protocol for the Use of Splints with the "Surgery First" Approach

Volume 55 : Number 8 : Page 463 : Aug 2021

Dr. Pelo and colleagues review the functions and wear duration of four different types of occlusal splints for use in “surgery first” cases. Two clinical cases demonstrate their approach to splint management, which allows them to treat even complex malocclusions.



Management of a Large Dentigerous Cyst in the Mixed Dentition

Volume 54 : Number 11 : Page 201101 : Nov 2020

The authors present a case involving a severe dentigerous cyst caused by long-term inflammation and infection of an upper deciduous central incisor. A conservative, multidisciplinary approach is applied for orthodontic recovery of the impacted teeth.



Orthodontic Management of Agenesis and Other Complexities: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Functional Esthetics

Volume 39 : Number 3 : Page 152 : Mar 2005

MICHAEL ARVYSTAS, DMD248 pages. $99.95. 2003.Martin Dunitz, London, distributed byThieme New York333 Seventh Ave.New York, NY 10001(800) 782-3488; www.thieme.com Few orthodontic texts aim as high as t...



Management of Dentoalveolar Maxillary Asymmetry During Rapid Maxillary Expansion in the Mixed Dentition

Volume 56 : Number 9 : Page 535 : Sep 2022

Rapid maxillary expansion sometimes produces an unwanted unilateral buccal crossbite. This Pearl uses functional turbos bonded to the lower molars to keep the mandible centered during palatal expansion, thus avoiding the development of a skeletal asymmetry.



Orthodontic Management of a Dilacerated Maxillary Central Incisor with an Unusual Sequela

Volume 32 : Number 5 : Page 293 : May 1998

A dilaceration is a deformity of a tooth due to a disturbance between the unmineralized and mineralized portions of a developing tooth germ.1 The dilaceration, which can occur in either the crown or t...

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