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Index to Volume XLIX

Volume 49 : Number 12 : Page 793 : Dec 2015

2015 Author Index*ABELA, S., TEWSON, D., PRINCE, S., SIDEBOTTOM, A., and BISTER, D., Total TMJ Reconstruction in Cases of Advanced Idiopathic Condylysis, 263ADABI, S., NANDA, R., URIBE, F.A., and JANA...


2017 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study Part 1: Trends

Volume 51 : Number 10 : Page 639 : Oct 2017

The first installment in this biennial series of reports covers changes in orthodontic economics and practice administration that have occurred since the first JCO Practice Study in 1981. Tables on practice activity, fees, management methods, delegation, practice-building methods, and referrals are included.


Enhanced Office Automation

Volume 21 : Number 9 : Page 0 : Sep 1987

Computer technology has the potential to revolutionize orthodontic business and clinical management methods to the extent that bonding techniques changed the clinical practice of orthodontics. Still, ...


Leading an All-Star Staff

Volume 44 : Number 8 : Page 487 : Aug 2010

Originally published in August 2010 Editor's Note: This quarterly JCO column is compiled by Contributing Editor Robert Haeger. Every quarter, Dr. Haeger presents a successful approach or strategy for ...


Finding a Successful Associate to Fit Your Office

Volume 51 : Number 2 : Page 71 : Aug 2018

Dr. Haeger and Ms. White present checklists for establishing expectations and formulating interview questions when hiring an associate. Clarifying the details of agreements regarding clinical behavior, office relationships, and compensation will help prevent misunderstandings and provide the best opportunity for long-term success.


2017 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study Part 2: Practice Success

Volume 51 : Number 11 : Page 707 : Nov 2017

This month’s Practice Study installment examines management and practice-building methods that seem to be related to practice success, especially in terms of net income and numbers of case starts. Respondents are divided into three net income categories for purposes of comparison.


2017 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study Part 3: Practice Growth and Staff Data

Volume 51 : Number 12 : Page 773 : Dec 2017

The final installment in this three-part series assesses practice growth over the past two years in terms of case starts and gross income, as well as expectations for further increases in 2018 and factors impacting lack of growth. Staff utilization, compensation, and benefits are also covered.


Associating After Residency

Volume 53 : Number 4 : Page 205 : Aug 2019

Dr. Mike Meru reviews the pros and cons of various associateship options for new graduates, including private, group, and corporate practices. He explains the tax differences between employees and independent contractors and concludes with helpful tips for prospective associates.


1999 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study, Part 1: Trends

Volume 33 : Number 10 : Page 569 : Oct 1999

The three-part report beginning in this issue marks JCO's 10th biennial Orthodontic Practice Study. In this month's article, we will cover trends in orthodontic economics and prac­tice administration ...



A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose

Volume 17 : Number 12 : Page 803 : Dec 1983

A Rose Is a Rose Is a RoseWhen Gertrude Stein penned "A rose is a rose is a rose", she was undoubtedly alluding to Shakespeare's famous line: "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet". Her infer...



Volume 14 : Number 1 : Page 9 : Jan 1980

Most orthodontists survived the Seventies more or less intact, but worried about what the future may bring. What can we expect from the Eighties? While a substantial number of orthodontists can be exp...


Criteria Used by General Dentists To Choose an Orthodontist

Volume 33 : Number 2 : Page 87 : Feb 1999

Orthodontists have always relied heavily on referrals from general practitioners for the majority of their patients.1 However, recent changes in the management of dental and orthodontic practices have...



Volume 26 : Number 3 : Page 0 : Mar 1992

Topics this month are open bite and practice consultants.1. How do you distinguish between skeletal anterior open bite and dental anterior open bite? Virtually all the clinicians used both cephalometr...



Orthodontic Study Clubs

Volume 41 : Number 2 : Page 0 : Feb 2007

(Editor’s Note: The Readers’ Corner is a quarterly feature of JCO in which orthodontists share their experiences and opinions about treatment and practice management. Pairs of questions are mailed per...


Index to Volume LII

Volume 52 : Number 12 : Page 719 : Dec 2018

Index to Volume LII 2018 Author Index* ABUBACKER SIDDIQUE, A.M., FAYYAZ AHAMED, S., FAHIMA, A., and APROS KANNA, A.S., Fixed Retainers with Bonded Pontics, 171AHMED V.K., S., ARATHI G., N., and KRISHN...



T. Patrick Tracy on New Computer Technology

Volume 23 : Number 3 : Page 0 : Mar 1989

DR. BARNETT Pat, how are practicing orthodontists going to make use of computer technology that is on the horizon today? MR. TRACY Jay, the explosion in computer technology is made up of a combination...


Staff Selection and Training

Volume 24 : Number 3 : Page 0 : Mar 1990

Many orthodontic practices throughout the country have enlarged their staffs to increase productivity. Staff selection and training have thus become major issues. Spending the weeks and months necessa...


The Information Curve

Volume 22 : Number 2 : Page 0 : Feb 1988

If management of an orthodontic practice is to be a positive function and not a haphazard endeavor carried wherever it goes by random choices or lack of choices, there must be planning. Planning by se...


Index to Volume LIV

Volume 54 : Number 12 : Page 789 : Dec 2020

January, pp. 1-60; February, pp. 61-128; March, pp. 129-188; April, pp. 189-256; May, pp. 257-316; June, pp. 317-376; July, pp. 377-436; August, pp. 437-504; September, pp. 505-572; October, pp. 573-6...



Observation and Continuing Education

Volume 46 : Number 10 : Page 633 : Oct 2012

(Editor's Note: The Readers' Corner is a quarterly feature of JCO in which orthodontists share their experiences and opinions about treatment and practice management. Pairs of questions are mailed per...

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