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May 2017

The Editor's Corner

50 Weeks to Our 50th

...Twice a week since last September, we have highlighted a landmark article from JCO’s 50-year history—one year per week, making it “50 weeks to the 50th”. Phil Vogels, our Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, set up the schedule with input from me and our other senior editors. On Facebook, each article comes with a brief rationale for its inclusion and a link to the Online Archive at www.jco-online.com. Although the archive is generally open only to JCO subscribers, these papers are free for anyone to read for a limited time. Since I’ve edited virtually every piece published since the fall of 1981, I found most of these to be old friends....

On the cover: This month’s cover shows the aligner spring described by Drs. Ruan and Jiang. is illustrated on this month’s cover.

May Issue Highlights

THE CUTTING EDGE Effects of Photodynamic Therapy on the Clinical and Biomechanical Efficiency of Mini-Implants: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Maurya, Gupta, Singh, Thakkar, Mishra

Targeted Mechanics for Treatment of Patients with Severe Short-Root Anomaly
Dutra, Janakiraman, Nanda, Uribe

Spring-Assisted Molar Intrusion in Clear-Aligner Treatment
Ruan, Jiang

CASE REPORT Simultaneous Phase I Expansion and Ectopic Molar Correction with a Hyrax-Halterman Appliance

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