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July 2016

The Editor's Corner

The Non-Compliance Issue

...Our results confirm the reaction of the orthodontists in my recent Grand Rounds audience: patient non-compliance remains a serious concern for our specialty.That being said, it is interesting to note that an appliance system heavily dependent on patient compliance, Invisalign, is gaining such a large market share in orthodontics. My best-guess explanation is that patients’ demand for smile improvement without obvious fixed appliances is such a strong motivator that they are more than willing to cooperate with our instructions. I would love to see some actual data to confirm or refute my opinion. Is there an orthodontic resident out there who needs a thesis project?...

On the cover: The i-station described byDrs. Itsuki, Imamura,Sugawara, and Nanda is picturedon this month’s cover.

July Issue Highlights

A TAD-Based System for Camouflage Treatment of Severe Skeletal Class III Malocclusion
Itsuki, Imamura, Sugawara, Nanda

Uprighting Mesially Impacted Lower Third Molars with Skeletal Anchorage
Nienkemper, Ludwig, Kanavakis, Pauls, Wilmes, Drescher

THE CUTTING EDGE Trends in the Use of Digital Study Models and Other Technologies Among Practicing Orthodontists
Park, Laslovich

PEARLS A Simplified Method of Correcting Single-Tooth Crossbite
Jain, Bharti, Chhajed

Complete July table of contents

JCO Online Features

Congratulations to Rutgers' Dr. Krystian Jarosz, winner of the 2016 Eugene L. Gottlieb JCO Student of the Year Award, Presented by American Orthodontics.

  • Dr. Jarosz has won more than $8,000 worth of products, services, and travel expenses from American Orthodontics, JCO, and Dolphin. He will receive his award on Sunday, May 1 at 11 A.M. at the American Orthodontics booth (#1341) in Orlando.
  • Read more about the award and Dr. Jarosz in our press release.
  • Read Dr. Jarosz's profile in the March issue of JCO and on our Facebook page.


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