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October 2015

The Editor's Corner

A Fitting Memorial

...I can’t help but agree with Dr. Kravitz. During my 35 years of practice, I have personally tried practically all of the gadgets, “magic” brackets, and wonder appliances that he alludes to. Most of them have some redeeming features; indeed, I have successfully treated quite a few cases with them. But whenever I run into trouble with a case, some seemingly insurmountable clinical roadblock, I go back to the basic principles of orthodontic biomechanics...

On the cover: This month's cover illustrates the 2015 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study.

October Issue Highlights

2015 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study Part I: Trends
Keim, Gottlieb, Vogels, Vogels

THE CUTTING EDGE Accuracy of 3D Facial Models Obtained from CBCT Volume Wrapping
Premjani, Al-Mulla, Ferguson

CASE REPORT Retreatment of a Class II Patient with Short-Root Anomaly
Farret, Farret

Distal Movement of Lower Molars with Miniplate Anchorage
Sverzut, Trivellato, Sverzut, Araújo, Jacob

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