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February 2017

The Editor's Corner

The Evolution of Invisalign

...With the passing of time, we elders have watched as Invisalign and its parent corporation, Align Technology, evolved from a minuscule, two-person start-up to a multinational corporation represented in some 90 countries by more than 103,000 Invisalign-trained doctors. For us Early Adopters, it is a source of pride and satisfaction that more than 224 million aligners have now been manufactured, and more than 4 million cases treated worldwide...

On the cover: San Diego, this year’s AAOconvention host, is representedby the BotanicalBuilding and Lily Pond atBalboa Park. Photo © JonBilous, Dreamstime.com.

February Issue Highlights

JCO INTERVIEWS Mr. Joseph Hogan on Align Technology

Orthodontic Traction of Impacted Upper Canines Using the VISTA Technique
Bariani, Milani, Guimarães, Moura, Ortolani

CASE REPORT Nonsurgical Treatment of a Severe Skeletal Anterior Open Bite
Kassir, Saade

PEARLS A Quick and Easy Fix for Maxillary Diastema Relapse
Rhoads, King, Nista

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