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November 2016

The Editor's Corner

Quantifying Facial Esthetics

...This “clinical ability to alter dentofacial form” is probably the main reason patients seek our help. Although Angle justifiably held the opinion that facial beauty is really just a side benefit of proper occlusion, if I were to judge from my own practice, the ratio of patients who seek care for the purpose of correcting their occlusions to those who seek care for the purpose of making their smiles more attractive is about one in 100. Most of my colleagues seem to feel the same way. The establishment of proper occlusion and masticatory function is of paramount importance to us as orthodontists, but the improvement of facial appearance is the mainstay of our practices...

On the cover: The digital setup described by Drs. Shetty, Jain, and Deshpande is illustrated on this month’s cover.

November Issue Highlights

Upper-Incisor Position as a Determinant of the Ideal Soft-Tissue Profile
Webb, Cordray, Rossouw

The Effect of Vibration on Molar Distalization

Digital Technology for the Management of Impacted Canines in Lingual Orthodontics
Shetty, Jain, Deshpande

PEARLS Effective Derotation of Canines and Premolars
Elhussein, Sandler

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