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September 2015

The Editor's Corner

Back to the Future

...Even 25 years later, I still sometimes feel like Buzz's apprentice, going back to the future. Such was the case when I first reviewed an article that appears in this issue of JCO. Drs. Mauro Cozzani, Laura Mazzotta, S. Jay Bowman, and Daniel J. Rinchuse describe the uses of a modest bracket modification that surprisingly few practitioners use nowadays: the vertical slot....

On the cover: Applications of vertical bracket slots—as described in the article by Drs. Cozzani, Mazzotta, Bowman, and Rinchuse—are pictured on the cover.

September Issue Highlights

Uses of the Vertical Slot in Orthodontic Brackets
Cozzani, Mazzotta, Bowman, Rinchuse

Clinical Experience with the Use of Pulsatile Forces to Accelerate Treatment
Orton-Gibbs, Kim

A Smartphone App for Identifying Cervical Vertebral Maturation Stages
Mamillapalli, Sesham, Neela, Kondapaka, Mandaloju

Complete September table of contents

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