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The Vari-Simplex Discipline, Part 5: Practice Management

Volume 17 : Number 10 : Page 680 : Oct 1983

Many orthodontists, because of their training or personal inclinations, believe they must develop an authoritarian environment to manage their practices. My opinion, however, is that to survive in tod...



Informed Consent for Credit Checks

Volume 27 : Number 7 : Page 0 : Jul 1993

In reference to your column in the March 1993 issue of JCO, I have a question regarding the use of credit checks. We have the equipment to run credit checks, but how should the informed consent be han...



Additional Fee for Extended Treatment

Volume 29 : Number 1 : Page 0 : Jan 1995

What is the best procedure for charging an additional fee for extended treatment in a case of non-cooperation? The first point to emphasize is that the orthodontist must abide by the terms and conditi...


Practice Management with Spreadsheets

Volume 23 : Number 8 : Page 0 : Aug 1989

Software programs that create accounting-type worksheets are called spreadsheets. A wide selection of programs for various operating systems are available at reasonable cost from local computer dealer...


COMMENTARY Knowing Your Practice: A Cost Comparative Basis for Practice Management


Volume 51 : Number 9 : Page 544 : Sep 2017

Over his long association with orthodontists and with JCO, Martin L. Schulman was an outstanding influence on the management of orthodontic practices. In specific detail, as this 1970 article demonstr...


Clinical Management of Ceramic Brackets

Volume 23 : Number 12 : Page 0 : Dec 1989

My 85% adult practice began using monocrystalline sapphire brackets in 1986, and has used them exclusively on maxillary canines and incisors since then. We have placed more than 3,000 ceramic brackets...


Orthodontic Management of Ankylosed Teeth

Volume 24 : Number 6 : Page 0 : Jun 1990

Ankylosis, a localized fusion of alveolar bone and cementum, is the result of a defective or discontinuous periodontal membrane and is apparently caused by mechanical, thermal, or metabolic trauma to ...


Clinical Management of the Jasper Jumper

Volume 25 : Number 12 : Page 0 : Dec 1991

Patient cooperation is a never-ending concern for orthodontists. Removable appliances leave the orthodontist totally dependent on the patient, and bonded functional appliances present hygiene and clea...


Introduction to LightForce Part 2: Treatment Planning and Clinical Management

Volume 57 : Number 10 : Page 594 : Oct 2023

Part 1 in this series of articles by Drs. Waldman and Bonebreak-Jackson reviewed the unique features of the LightForce 3D-printed fixed appliance system. Part 2 breaks down the key factors involved in treatment planning and clinical management, using typical case examples.


Management of Excess Palatal Gingiva after Space Closure of Anterior Teeth

Volume 43 : Number 12 : Page 0 : Dec 2009

Orthodontic closure of interdental spaces causes coronal creeping of the interproximal gingival tissues, thus restoring the interdental papillae and contact points.1 Usually, any gingival hyperplasia ...


A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Management of Long-Face Syndrome and Bilateral Microtia

Volume 47 : Number 9 : Page 537 : Sep 2013

The term "long-face syndrome" was developed to combine the dental, skeletal, and facial characteristics of patients previously classified under such descriptions as "skeletal open bite", "iidiopathic ...


Knowing Your Practice: A Cost Comparative Basis For Practice Management

Volume 4 : Number 9 : Page 516 : Sep 1970

The first requirement in practice management is KNOWING: 1. Know your financial reward compared to similar practices. 2. Know your personal efficiency compared to other practitioners. 3. Know the effi...


Lingual Orthodontics: A Status Report, Part 6: Patient and Practice Management

Volume 17 : Number 4 : Page 240 : Apr 1983

Many individuals would like to have the benefits offered by high-quality orthodontic treatment, but do not want to have braces that are visible to their friends and colleagues. Our profession did not ...


Orthodontic Management of Subgingivally Fractured Teeth

Volume 15 : Number 7 : Page 502 : Jul 1981

Tooth fractures that extend to the level of or below the alveolar bone crest can be treated in various ways. The most frequent procedures are: 1. Extraction of the fractured tooth. 2. Endodontic treat...


Orthodontic Management of the Palatally Impacted Tooth

Volume 15 : Number 12 : Page 810 : Dec 1981

In most orthodontic techniques used to move impacted canines into the arch, the force usually comes from the labial archwire and is directed labially. However, when the canines are impacted high in th...


Multidisciplinary Management of Double-Tooth Anomalies

Volume 43 : Number 7 : Page 0 : Jul 2009

A double tooth is a congenital anomaly in which two adjacent teeth are joined at the crown level (enamel and dentin), forming a single tooth with an enlarged crown.1 Although the cause is unknown, gen...


Orthodontic Management of Unerupted Transposed Canines

Volume 49 : Number 2 : Page 95 : Feb 2015

Transposition is a dental anomaly characterized by the positional interchange of two adjacent teeth, especially in relation to their roots, or by the development and eruption of a tooth in a position ...


Orthodontic Management of Patients with Ectodermal Dysplasia

Volume 54 : Number 12 : Page 777 : Dec 2020

The negative psychosocial effects of hereditary ectodermal dysplasia can deeply affect a child. In case reports of two brothers, the authors show how early orthodontic intervention can improve appearance and function while preparing for future prosthodontic rehabilitation.


University of Kentucky Seminar: Practice Management for Orthodontists, Part 2: Partnership Orthodontic Practice

Volume 7 : Number 3 : Page 150 : Mar 1973

This is the second in a series of articles derived from a course given at the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. Part 1: Group Orthodontic Practice appeared in the January 1973 issue of JCO....


Bonneville Orthodontic Seminar, Part III: A Technique for Surgical-Orthodontic Management of Impacted Teeth

Volume 3 : Number 8 : Page 410 : Aug 1969

The Impacted Cuspid Many different techniques have been described and are employed in the management of the impacted cuspid. They include surgical removal of the offending cuspid and bringing the bicu...

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