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Issue Date: Jun 2021

Aerosol protection loupes provide a complete seal around the eyes to protect the user from aerosol spray, according to the manufacturer. The silicone eyecups attach to the frame magnetically, making them easy to remove for cleaning and disinfecting. Available in 2.5×, 3.0×, and 3.5× magnifications, the loupes feature a maximum depth of field and coaxial alignment and provide true magnification with precision optics. Two lightweight frame styles are offered in a choice of black or tortoise.

For more information, contact Designs for Vision, Inc., 4000 Veterans Memorial Highway, Bohemia, NY 11716. (800) 345-4009; www.designsforvision.com.

Archived Product News

Category Product Name Manufacturer Issue Date
View Gear Loupes Designs for Visions Jun 2021
View Brackets Custom Metal Bands DynaFlex Jun 2021
View Adhesive Etchant Vista Dental Products Jun 2021
View Diagnostics Intraoral Sensor Digital Doc LLC Jun 2021
View Hygiene Toothpaste (1) Livionex May 2021
View Brackets Shaped Brackets Wildsmiles Braces May 2021
View Adhesive 3D Print Resin (1) Keystone Industries May 2021
View Software Software Upgrades (1) Gaidge May 2021
View Appliance CAD/CAM Expander LeoneAmerica Dental Products Apr 2021
View Hygiene Isolation System (1) Zyris Apr 2021
View Tools Aligner Instruments Hu-Friedy Apr 2021
View Materials Thermoforming Material DynaFlex Apr 2021
View Materials Decorative Plastic Material Dentagrafix Mar 2021
View Education Podcast Illuminate Orthodontic Podcast Mar 2021
View Gear Patient Chair (1) ASI Medical Mar 2021
View Adhesive Band Cement American Orthodontics Mar 2021
View Aligners Aligner Improvements Ormco Feb 2021
View Gear Mask with Purifier OrthoEssentials Feb 2021
View Hygiene Electric Toothbrush Philips Feb 2021
View Tool Soft-Tissue Retractor Ultradent Feb 2021
View Attachments Precision Aligner Buttons (1) DynaFlex Jan 2021
View Production Aligner Material (1) OrthoEssentials Jan 2021
View Hygiene Tooth Whitener Ultradent Jan 2021
View Attachments Aligner Pontics OrVance Jan 2021
View Hygiene Sterilization Monitoring 3M Dec 2020
View Adhesives Adhesive American Orthodontics Dec 2020
View Diagnostics Digital Scanner Dental Wings Dec 2020
View Hygiene Toothbrush Kempii GmbH Dec 2020
View Gear Loupe Light DentLight Nov 2020
View Aligners Software Upgrades 3Shape Nov 2020
View Production 3D Printer (1) EnvisionTEC Nov 2020
View Software Remote Monitoring App 3M Nov 2020
View Tools Handpiece Maintenance J. Morita USA Oct 2020
View Appliances Bracket-Wire System DynaFlex Oct 2020
View Software Appointment App Ortho2 Oct 2020
View Gear Retainer Case (1) SmilerSaver Oct 2020
View Hygiene Mouth Rinse DenMat Sep 2020
View Aligners Aligner Stickers Align Technology Sep 2020
View Hygiene Barrier Film Cantel Medical Sep 2020
View Aligners Aligner Manufacturing uLab Systems Sep 2020
View Training Online Training 3Shape Aug 2020
View Appliances Bracket System (1) KLOwen Braces Aug 2020
View Hygiene Disinfectant Palmero Healthcare Aug 2020
View Hygiene Washable Keyboard Seal Shield Aug 2020
View Hygiene Face Mask N95 Mask Co. Jul 2020
View Software Prescription Software DynaFlex Jul 2020
View Gear Face Shield (1) Great Lakes Jul 2020
View Hygiene Air Purifier UV Partners Jul 2020
View Gear Mask Sealer Bayshore Dental Studio Jun 2020
View Hygiene HEPA Filtration Unit Great Lakes Jun 2020
View Appliances Buccal Tube American Orthodontics Jun 2020
View Gear Face Shield Ripclear Jun 2020
View Production Curing Box Wicked Engineering May 2020
View Diagnostics Imaging Sensor Kavo Dental May 2020
View Tools Smartphone Camera Light Lester A. Dine May 2020
View Diagnostics Intraoral Scanner (4) Midmark May 2020
View Hygiene Periodontal Treatment DenMat Apr 2020
View Software Web Portal Upgrades 3M Apr 2020
View Appliance Lingual Retainer Wire Reliance Orthodontic Products Apr 2020
View Tools Handpiece Dentsply Sirona Apr 2020
View Software Monitoring App In Hand Health Mar 2020
View Attachments Aligner Buttons DynaFlex Mar 2020
View Tools Handpiece System Medidenta Mar 2020
View Production 3D Print Resin Whip Mix Mar 2020
View Diagnostics Cloud Platform Apteryx Imaging Feb 2020
View Gear Assistant Cart (1) ASI Medical Feb 2020
View Tools Isolation System DryShield Feb 2020
View Adhesives Curing Light Rocky Mountain Orthodontics Feb 2020
View Software Remote Monitoring Tool Dental Monitoring Jan 2020
View Software Payment Texting Rhinogram Jan 2020
View Software Patient Recall Texting OperaDDS Jan 2020
View Hygiene Tablet Barrier Sleeve Palmero Health Jan 2020
View Production 3D Printer and Service Plan Formlabs Dec 2019
View Aligners Aligner Software Tracking EasyRx Dec 2019
View Appliances Precoated Brackets TP Orthodontics Dec 2019
View Aligners Clear Aligner Plan Align Technology Dec 2019
View Adhesives Adhesive Removal Kit Komet USA Nov 2019
View Diagnostics 3D Simulation Tool 3Shape Nov 2019
View Gear Photo Backdrop BadgePlus Nov 2019
View Diagnostics Intraoral Scanner (3) Carestream Dental Nov 2019
View Diagnostics Cephalometric Templates Motion View Oct 2019
View Tools Carbide Burs SS White Oct 2019
View Tools Probe Set Guray Dental Oct 2019
View Adhesives Glass Ionomer Cement (1) GC America Oct 2019
View Gear Patient Chair Ross Orthodontic Sep 2019
View Tools Autoclavable Gauge Great Lakes Sep 2019
View Adhesives Resin Cement Centrix Sep 2019
View Appliances Bracket System LightForce Orthodontics Sep 2019
View Tools Magnetic Allen Pencil DynaFlex Aug 2019
View Hygiene Patient Starter Kit PlatypusCo Aug 2019
View Tools Aligner Pliers Allure Ortho Aug 2019
View Diagnostics Scanner Upgrades 3DISC Aug 2019
View Hygiene Heat Sterilizer CPAC Equipment Jul 2019
View Gear Assistant Cart ASI Medical Jul 2019
View Gear Retainer Case Practicon Jul 2019
View Appliances Expansion Screw LeoneAmerica Jul 2019
View Appliances Class II Corrector TP Orthodontics Jun 2019
View Adhesives Bonding System KaVoKerr Jun 2019
View Aligners Aligner Material Great Lakes Jun 2019
View Appliances Clear Bracket Size Ormco Jun 2019
View Production 3D Printer Planmeca May 2019
View Diagnostics iPad Photo Light PhotoMed International May 2019
View Diagnostics Intraoral Scanner (2) Dentsply Sirona May 2019
View Hygiene Ultrasonic Cleaning System Coltene May 2019
View Diagnostics Online Simulation Tool Align Technology Apr 2019
View Adhesives Bonding Kit Reliance Orthodontic Products Apr 2019
View Appliances Archwire Ormco Apr 2019
View Diagnostics Intraoral Scanner (1) 3Shape Apr 2019
View Esthetics Interproximal Reduction Garrison Dental Solutions Mar 2019
View Gear Safety Eyewear Palmero Healthcare Mar 2019
View Diagnostics CBCT Unit Planmeca Mar 2019
View Adhesives Glass Ionomer Cement VOCO America Mar 2019
View Hygiene Appliance Cleaner Dentbrite Feb 2019
View Hygiene Toothpaste Crest Feb 2019
View Diagnostic Equipment Intraoral Scanner 3Shape Feb 2019
View Gear Examination Masks Made-U-Smile Feb 2019
View Appliances Eruption Appliance OrthoEssentials Jan 2019
View Appliances Bite-Raising Appliance Guray Dental Jan 2019
View Instruments Orthodontic Instruments Ormco Jan 2019
View Software Cephalometric Software CephX Technologies Jan 2019
View Software Ortho System Clear Aligner Workflow 3Shape Dec 2018
View Pliers iXion pliers DB Orthodontics, Inc. Dec 2018
View Expander EZ-X Appliance Dynaflex Dec 2018
View Attachments Precision Aligner Buttons MidAtlantic Ortho Dec 2018

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