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The Journal of Clinical Orthodontics is a peer-reviewed professional publication, published monthly, with offices in Denver. JCO began publication in September 1967 as the Journal of Practical Orthodontics, changing to its current name in 1970. The journal focuses on the practical aspects of everyday orthodontic treatment techniques and practice management. For a brief history of JCO, read Dr. Robert Keim’s interview of founder Dr. Eugene L. Gottlieb in the September 2007 issue, which celebrated our 40th anniversary. JCO is indexed in Medline and PubMed.


Clinical Focus

JCO is the only orthodontic journal that focuses on the clinical, rather than the academic, side of the specialty. We are known as the clinician’s journal, with practical Pearls, innovative techniques and treatment methods, extensive overviews, revealing interviews, fascinating cases, timely management advice, and unequaled coverage of technology and industry trends, JCO provides useful information every month for the practicing orthodontist. 

Peer Review

JCO Editorial Board members are well-known and respected orthodontists in clinical practice and academia from the United States and around the world. The current Editor is Dr. Neal D. Kravitz, who is in private practice in Washington D.C.. JCO’s previous editor, Dr. Robert G. Keim, is now the Senior Editor. JCO also has a large Clinical Advisory Council, again with orthodontists from the United States and around the world, to help guide and promote the Journal.

Archive Access

Virtually every article published in JCO since its inception in 1967 is available in our online archive. Beginning with issues published in 1998, every article can be downloaded as a PDF file, appearing in the same format as in the printed journal. PDFs for individual articles older than 1998 can be provided upon request for subscribers, e-mail annmarie@jco-online.com.

Access to the Online Archive is free for any JCO subscriber. Non-subscribers can purchase temporary access to the full Online Archive (including current issues) for one day (24 hours) or 30 days. Some JCO content is freely available to anyone (Editor's Corner, Book Reviews, and certain articles).

Industry-Leading Surveys

JCO’s periodic surveys of all U.S. orthodontists have become the industry standard for information on the specialty.

The biennial Orthodontic Practice Study has surveyed nationwide economics and practice administration since 1981. Highlights of the results are published over three or four issues of the journal; the complete data tables are published separately (available online starting with the 2005 Study).

For completing the 2023 Practice Study, please refer to the following aides provided by practice management software companies:

Cloud9: Practice Study Instructions

Dolphin: Configuration and User’s Guide and JCO Report Installer 

Ortho2: Practice Study Instructions

Tops Ortho: Practice Study Instructions

The Study of Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Procedures covers clinical techniques and diagnostic methods. This survey is conducted every four to six years (most recently in 2020); results are published over three issues of the journal.


One- and two-year print or online-only subscriptions are available to individuals and to multi-user institutions such as libraries, hospitals, and university departments. JCO offers special rates for full-time dental/orthodontic students and for retired orthodontists.

Copyright and Permissions Policies for using JCO printed or online materials

For additional information, contact info@jco-online.com.


JCO will consider acceptance of advertisements for products and services related to the practice of orthodontics and for products and services of general interest to orthodontists and their families. For more information, contact Phil Vogels at phil@jco-online.com to request a current Media Kit.

Brief descriptions of new products and services are featured in the Product News section of JCO and are then posted in an archive on the JCO website. Send information and a photograph to info@jco-online.com. Placement of Product News items is free to the advertiser and is arranged on a space-available basis.


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Monica Miller-Domaille, ext. 10 

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Founding Editor
Eugene L. Gottlieb, DDS

Neal D. Kravitz, DMD, MS

Senior Editor
Robert G. Keim, DDS, EdD, PhD

Executive Editor
David S. Vogels III

Assistant Editor
Monica Miller-Domaille

Editorial Assistant
Chantelle Mitchell

Phil Vogels

Customer Service Manager
Ann Marie Wollman

Art Director
Irina Lef



(If you are familiar with JCO guidelines and requirements, click here to go directly to the online submissions system. Note that the submissions system is entirely separate from the JCO Online Archive and other website functions.)

JCO invites the submission of articles, technique clinics, clinical aids, pearls, and case reports related to the practice of orthodontics. Contributions are received with the understanding that they have not been published in print or online, nor are they being considered for publication elsewhere.

JCO submissions must be entered by the author(s) into an online submissions and review system.

Please review the following guidelines before submitting material:

These downloadable forms are also available:

It is important to follow the instructions for proper formatting of your text file, image file, and author information. We cannot "fix" your materials for you; if they are not correctly formatted for the review process, you will receive a notification from the submission system that the materials must be corrected and resubmitted.

When you are ready to submit your material, go to the online submission site: https://jcortho.msubmit.net/cgi-bin/main.plex. Note that you will be able to pause your submission during the process, if necessary, and come back to it later.

Send large files to JCO using the free Internet service HighTail using this link: JCO large files. You can send as many as 5 files, with a total of 2GB, per transmission. To send more than 5 files, first use WinZip or StuffIt to combine the files into a single package before sending. HighTail is HIPAA-compliant.

If you have previously submitted material to JCO or reviewed an article for us, you may already have an author account. Click on “New authors should register for an account” to search for an existing author account using your last name, e-mail address, and telephone number.

Contact info@jco-online.com if you are having trouble with the online system or have specific questions about submissions.



  • Manuscript text file (including title, text, references, and figure captions; do not include author information or acknowledgments)
  • Author information file (including complete names, degrees, current job title, and institution/private practice for all authors, as well as the postal address for the corresponding author)
  • Images file (Word, PDF, or PowerPoint containing all numbered, mediumquality figures)
  • Table file, if needed
  • Supplementary files (e.g., acknowledgment, cover letter)
  • Copyright transfer agreement signed by each author
  • Patient release form signed by each patient (if face is visible)


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