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Restorative Materials in Orthodontics

Volume 50 : Number 6 : Page 0 : Jun 2016

Like most senior orthodontists, I've attended hundreds of lectures on both orthodontics and dentistry as a whole. I have always taken a special personal interest in lectures involving interdisciplinary treatment - cases requiring the services of multiple specialists, with the restorative dentist finally establishing an optimum result. The late Dr. Vincent Kokich was perhaps my favorite speaker on this topic. Among his many professional and personal talents, he had an extraordinary ability to see the big picture in complex cases and to provide exemplary orthodontic care as part of a multidisciplinary team. In the last presentation I attended by Dr. Kokich before his untimely death in 2013, he opened with a statement that will always stick with me: that of all of the things he had accomplished in his professional life, he was most proud of having become a dentist. This probably explains why Vince was one of the best interdisciplinary orthodontists I have known.



On Starting a New Practice

Volume 52 : Number 3 : Page 129 : Mar 2018

When asked the question “What do you intend to do after graduation?”, most of the orthodontic residents I have talked to over the past few decades have indicated that they want to find desirable and e...



A New Golden Age?

Volume 33 : Number 12 : Page 669 : Dec 1999

The first cellular phone Lue and I bought a few years ago cost more than $900. We thought it was a little expensive, but probably worth the investment. The other day we purchased a new one that is muc...


2019 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study Part 2: Practice Success

Volume 53 : Number 11 : Page 647 : Nov 2019

This second installment in a three-part series discusses factors related to practice success in terms of net income and case starts. The effects of delegation and various management and practice-building methods are examined, including historical comparisons across the 20 biennial Practice Studies.



Thermal Archwires and In-Office Computers

Volume 32 : Number 1 : Page 29 : Jan 1998

How often do you use thermally activated nickel titanium archwires, and which brands do you use for alignment, leveling, space closure, and finishing? Eighty-five percent of the respondents used therm...


What Influences a Pediatric Dentist to Refer to a Particular Orthodontist?

Volume 50 : Number 4 : Page 231 : Aug 2016

While orthodontists have traditionally relied heavily on referrals from general and pediatric dentists, an increasing number of patients have been receiving orthodontic care from non-orthodontic providers. As far back as 1981, Dugoni and colleagues reported that 55% of the orthodontic treatment provided through prepayment programs in California was delivered by non-orthodontists. In 1984, Moorrees noted an increase in the number of general and pediatric dentists offering orthodontic services.


Self-Directed Orthodontic Teams

Volume 27 : Number 7 : Page 0 : Jul 1993

After years of studying productivity in orthodontic practices, I realized that some practices consistently outperform others, even when they are similar in such factors as location and demographics. T...



Volume 31 : Number 7 : Page 0 : Jul 1997

This month's column contains readers' views on MSOs.Do you have an arrangement with a management service organization? Although 25% of the respondents said they had been approached individually by an ...


Factors Involved in Choosing an Orthodontist in a Competitive Market

Volume 45 : Number 6 : Page 333 : Aug 2011

Originally published in June 2011 Editor's Note: This quarterly JCO column is compiled by Contributing Editor Robert Haeger. Every few months, Dr. Haeger presents a successful approach or strategy for...


2019 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study Part 1: Trends

Volume 53 : Number 10 : Page 569 : Oct 2019

The first article in a three-part series covers trends in economics and practice administration since JCO’s initial 1981 survey. Practice activity, fees, management methods, computer usage, delegation, practice-building methods, sources of referrals, and busyness are all examined.


A Staff Meeting to Get Excited About

Volume 48 : Number 1 : Page 57 : Aug 2014

Originally published in January 2014 This column is compiled by JCO Contributing Editor Robert S. Haeger, DDS, MS. Every few months, Dr. Haeger presents a successful approach or strategy for a particu...


2011 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study, Part 1: Trends

Volume 45 : Number 10 : Page 535 : Oct 2011

In this series of articles, we present the key results of the 2011 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study, the 16th biennial survey since 1981. Any JCO subscriber can access the complete tables and the questi...



A Rose Is a Rose

Volume 26 : Number 5 : Page 0 : May 1992

A Rose Is a Rose The Management & Marketing column by Dr. David Drake in this issue is one of the best articles I've read on the use of orthodontic staff. Although he covers the position of treatm...



Funding for Retirement

Volume 37 : Number 12 : Page 645 : Dec 2003

Retirement is the subject of this month's Management & Marketing column. The article addresses a concern that faces all of us: If you live long enough, you will retire. There are not many 80-year-...



Booms, Echo Booms, and "Millenni-Booms"

Volume 39 : Number 11 : Page 633 : Nov 2005

In this issue, we begin a series of articles based on the latest nationwide JCO Orthodontic Practice Study, which has been conducted every two years since 1981. We'd like to thank the hundreds of orth...



The Indirect Approach

Volume 41 : Number 11 : Page 651 : Nov 2007

Indirect bonding has been the subject of innumerable papers and meeting presentations since it first appeared in the orthodontic literature in the mid-'70s.1-5 The reasons for using indirect bonding a...



Economics and Ethics of Two-Phase Treatment

Volume 42 : Number 7 : Page 393 : Jul 2008

The recent Management & Marketing column by Dr. Robert Haeger ("Statistical Analysis of Two-Phase Treatment Compared with Single-Stage Comprehensive Treatment," JCO, March 2008) supports the conte...



A Half-Century of Excellence

Volume 51 : Number 9 : Page 507 : Sep 2017

This issue of the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics represents a landmark in orthodontic history: the 50th anniversary of our publication. Fifty years ago this month, Dr. Eugene Gottlieb, our founding ...


2015 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study, Part 1: Trends

Volume 49 : Number 10 : Page 625 : Oct 2015

In this series of articles, we present the most important results of the 18th biennial JCO Orthodontic Practice Study. Part 1 analyzes trends in U.S. orthodontic economics and practice administration since the first survey was conducted in 1981, focusing on changes since the 2013 Study. In subsequent issues, we will examine data related to practice success and practice growth. JCO subscribers can access the complete tables; the survey questionnaire appears at the end of this document. All previous Practice Study articles and tables are also available in the archive.



Pretreatment Observation Systems

Volume 53 : Number 2 : Page 117 : Feb 2019

This month’s topic involves pretreatment observation and recall systems. JCO readers respond to questions involving categories of recall patients, reappointment procedures, insurance coverage, fees, and internal marketing. Tips are presented for maintaining communication with observation patients and their families.

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