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Practice Management and the Straight-Wire Appliance

Volume 11 : Number 3 : Page 207 : Mar 1977

To secure the best results in the most direct manner requires good, efficient management techniques. If treatment is to be consistent with the best management techniques, isn't it best to use tools in...


Financial Independence with or Without Management Service

Volume 31 : Number 7 : Page 442 : Jul 1997

For the past several years, the most hotly debated issue in orthodontics has been the development of management service organizations. Most MSOs involve the same basic concept, painted in different te...


Management of Crouzon Syndrome in an Adult Patient

Volume 47 : Number 11 : Page 673 : Nov 2013

Crouzon syndrome is an autosomal-dominant craniosynostosis characterized by premature closure of the cranial sutures, midfacial hypoplasia, and exophthalmia.1-3 A mutation of fibroblast growth factor ...


Clinical Management of the Bonded Herbst Appliance

Volume 17 : Number 7 : Page 456 : Jul 1983

The Herbst appliance is used in the correction of Class II malocclusion associated with mandibular retrognathia. Several articles describing design modification have focused on the methods by which th...


Occlusion Management in Orthodontic Anchorage Control

Volume 47 : Number 3 : Page 188 : Mar 2013

With the introduction of orthodontic miniscrews, the approach to anchorage control has changed dramatically. Skeletal anchorage allows for the transfer of reactive forces to the alveolar bone, thus pr...


Management Skills Linked to the Profitability of Large Practices

Volume 26 : Number 5 : Page 0 : May 1992

Countless studies demonstrate that entrepreneurs need management skills if their businesses are to thrive. Any professional who continues to run a large practice like a small business is doomed to fai...



Volume 27 : Number 3 : Page 0 : Mar 1993

I would like Dr. Machen's opinion on how to handle a patient who is considerably behind in paying the fee as the case progresses. I realize that prevention is the best solution, but every patient is a...



Volume 27 : Number 10 : Page 0 : Oct 1993

My legal question involves Medicaid patients. The state of Florida authorizes funding on a month-to-month basis. As you might suspect, Medicaid frequently discontinues the funding of patients who are ...



Volume 28 : Number 1 : Page 0 : Jan 1994

Several months ago my friend John, a general dentist, called to ask me for help. It seems he was working in another office about 40 minutes from mine, covering for Ralph, a general dentist who had an ...



Volume 28 : Number 7 : Page 0 : Jul 1994

What criteria should be considered in accepting patients into orthodontic care? Once patients are under treatment, how can they be terminated for non-cooperation or for non-payment of fees?There are m...


Management of Deep Overbite with a Preadjusted Appliance System

Volume 24 : Number 11 : Page 0 : Nov 1990

The management of most orthodontic cases can be divided into six distinct but overlapping stages of treatment: anchorage control, leveling and aligning, overbite control, overjet reduction, space clos...


Space Management with Invisalign for Interdisciplinary Orthodontic Treatment

Volume 52 : Number 4 : Page 219 : Apr 2018

Drs. Anderson and Darren Huang demonstrate the range of the Invisalign system in preprosthodontic treatment of adult patients. These four cases involve space creation, molar uprighting, or molar intrusion to make room for future implants, as well as molar space closure to avoid the need for restoration.


Orthodontic Management of Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Volume 56 : Number 10 : Page 592 : Oct 2022

Because patients with ASD exhibit higher rates of certain malocclusions, they are often seen in orthodontic practices. Drs. Mehta and Uribe provide a number of clinical tips to facilitate their treatment, including record-taking procedures as well as impression and bonding techniques.


Initial Management of First Molar Extraction Cases

Volume 22 : Number 4 : Page 0 : Apr 1988

It has been said that loss of the first molars doubles the treatment time and halves the prognosis.1 In orthodontic cases where extraction is unavoidable because of caries (a common problem in develop...


Clinical Management of the Herbst Occlusal Hinge Appliance

Volume 38 : Number 11 : Page 590 : Nov 2004

Variations of the Herbst* appliance1,2 fall into two basic categories: fixed and removable. Studies have found similar clinical results, although the fixed appliances seem to produce a slightly greate...


Clinical Management of the Frankel FR II Appliance

Volume 17 : Number 9 : Page 605 : Sep 1983

In the early years of the Frankel appliance, clinicians and laboratories in this country were unsure of the design, fit, adjustment, and management of the appliance. Poorly fitting appliances were pla...


Bio-Progressive Therapy, Part 1: The Management Umbrella

Volume 11 : Number 9 : Page 616 : Sep 1977

Bio-Progressive Therapy is not strictly an orthodontic technique but, more importantly, it encompasses a total orthodontic philosophy. Bio-Progressive Therapy accepts as its mission the treatment of t...


Management Service Organization Contracts: Tips for Successful Negotiations

Volume 32 : Number 11 : Page 663 : Nov 1998

Last year, the number of management service organizations catering to orthodontists jumped from one to many. The field of publicly traded orthodontic MSOs now includes not only Orthodontic Centers of ...


Early Surgical Management of Impacted Mandibular Second Molars

Volume 32 : Number 7 : Page 446 : Jul 1998

About 2-3% of mandibular second molars in my practice erupt mesially impacted--a figure that agrees with published reports.1-3 I have sometimes spent several extra months of treatment uprighting these...


Multidisciplinary Management of Post-Ankylosis Malocclusion and Mandibular Deformity

Volume 51 : Number 12 : Page 809 : Dec 2017

Ankylosis of the TMJ can lead to severe functional, dental, facial, and esthetic problems that will require a multidisciplinary approach to resolve. The authors present a protocol involving orthodontic alignment and distraction osteogenesis for treatment of adults with long-standing TMJ ankyloses.

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