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Self-Analysis of Case Acceptance Rate

Volume 24 : Number 2 : Page 0 : Feb 1990

The availability of patients and their acceptance of treatment depend on numerous factors, including practice location, the local economy, the skill and reputation of the orthodontist and staff, and t...



Is a Job in Your Office a Career?

Volume 28 : Number 11 : Page 0 : Nov 1994

Is a Job in Your Office a Career?One of the consequences of the changes in our society wrought by women's desire or need to work has been the institutionalizing of changes in the work force. Combined ...



Relating to Pediatric Dentists

Volume 50 : Number 4 : Page 0 : Apr 2016

I recently ran into one of my orthodontic graduate students at the University of Southern California after we had completed our morning workouts in the gym. I have known this promising young man since his days as a dental student, but before this encounter, he had always been rather shy, never daring to strike up a conversation with me. There was obviously something different in his demeanor this time, since he actively sought me out and began an enthusiastic dialogue. It seems he had recently signed a contract for an associateship following his graduation, and it was located in my old hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico. At first, his line of conversation focused on the city itself. What did I think of it as a place to raise a family? What were my impressions of the local economic prospects? How is the cultural scene? What is there to do outside of work? I answered him as best I could. Albuquerque is a wonderful place both to live and practice. I indicated to the student that if there had been a dental school where I could teach, I would have been proud to stay and raise my family there. But when I asked him who the senior partner would be in his associateship, since I know many of the orthodontists in New Mexico, he suddenly returned to his customary reticence. He averted his eyes and sort of mumbled under his breath a name I had never heard. On further questioning, it turned out the reason for his reluctance was that the senior partner was not an orthodontist at all but, rather, a pediatric dentist with multiple offices who wanted to offer “in-house ortho”.



Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

Volume 17 : Number 2 : Page 81 : Feb 1983

Delegate Delegate Delegate Delegation of tasks in an orthodontic office is one of the most important management tools. There is no question that practices that delegate more treat more patients and ea...


The Real Cost of Patient Financing

Volume 28 : Number 3 : Page 0 : Mar 1994

We've all heard the adage, "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." What about your accounts receivable? Is $90 in the hand really worth $100 "in the bush"? Is a discount of 10% appropriate when...


2001 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study, Part 3: Practice Growth

Volume 35 : Number 12 : Page 733 : Dec 2001

This final part of our report on the 2001 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study will highlight the growth that has occurred in case starts and gross income over the two years since the previous study. We wil...


Orthodontic Financial Analysis - 1988

Volume 23 : Number 7 : Page 0 : Jul 1989

In 1988, the slow but constant decline in profitability that dentistry has experienced over the past decade continued. Orthodontists' profitability has declined from 52.3% to 41.1% since 1978 (Table 1...


Setting Employee Compensation

Volume 40 : Number 4 : Page 237 : Aug 2006

Originally published in April 2006 I feel extremely lucky to be an orthodontist. I have said many times that if I won a multi-million-dollar lottery on Saturday, I would still go back to work on Monda...



The Green Orthodontist

Volume 44 : Number 6 : Page 349 : Jun 2010

As I write this, the United States is facing the greatest environmental catastrophe in its history. The extent of damage to the Gulf Coast from this massive oil spill is dramatically mirrored in the e...



The Orthodontist and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Volume 56 : Number 1 : Page 8 : Jan 2022

Over the past quarter-century or so, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) treatment has become a more and more integral part of routine orthodontic practice. Prior to that, little was mentioned about sleep d...



Volume 30 : Number 7 : Page 0 : Jul 1996

Topics are internal marketing and external marketing.1. What are your most successful internal marketing methods? Being friendly and professional, as well as emphasizing excellent patient communicatio...


Preserving the Referral-Source Practice of Orthodontics

Volume 18 : Number 12 : Page 870 : Dec 1984

One of the consequences of the introduction of advertising and various alternate forms of delivery of dental care has been the division of orthodontic care between two groups with two different approa...


2021 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study Part 1: Trends

Volume 55 : Number 10 : Page 591 : Oct 2021

The first article in a three-part series covers trends in orthodontic economics and practice administration since 1981. Results of the latest JCO survey are presented in the categories of practice activity, fee policies, management methods, delegation, practice-building methods, sources of referrals, and busyness.



Is There an Orthodontic Myopia?

Volume 16 : Number 12 : Page 787 : Dec 1982

Is There an Orthodontic Myopia?In a landmark article entitled "Marketing Myopia", Theodore Levitt pointed out that the railroads in this country did not stop growing because of a decline in the need f...


The Post-Treatment Consultation

Volume 26 : Number 8 : Page 0 : Aug 1992

Most practice management consultants recommend holding post-treatment consultations to review treatment results with patients and parents. This article will describe a system that has been used succes...



Restorative Materials in Orthodontics

Volume 50 : Number 6 : Page 0 : Jun 2016

Like most senior orthodontists, I've attended hundreds of lectures on both orthodontics and dentistry as a whole. I have always taken a special personal interest in lectures involving interdisciplinary treatment - cases requiring the services of multiple specialists, with the restorative dentist finally establishing an optimum result. The late Dr. Vincent Kokich was perhaps my favorite speaker on this topic. Among his many professional and personal talents, he had an extraordinary ability to see the big picture in complex cases and to provide exemplary orthodontic care as part of a multidisciplinary team. In the last presentation I attended by Dr. Kokich before his untimely death in 2013, he opened with a statement that will always stick with me: that of all of the things he had accomplished in his professional life, he was most proud of having become a dentist. This probably explains why Vince was one of the best interdisciplinary orthodontists I have known.



On Starting a New Practice

Volume 52 : Number 3 : Page 129 : Mar 2018

When asked the question “What do you intend to do after graduation?”, most of the orthodontic residents I have talked to over the past few decades have indicated that they want to find desirable and e...



A New Golden Age?

Volume 33 : Number 12 : Page 669 : Dec 1999

The first cellular phone Lue and I bought a few years ago cost more than $900. We thought it was a little expensive, but probably worth the investment. The other day we purchased a new one that is muc...


Results of JCO Issues Survey

Volume 24 : Number 4 : Page 0 : Apr 1990

In a recent JCO survey, readers were asked to name the issues in orthodontics today of great concern to them. No choices or limitations were given; the orthodontists responded in their own words with ...


2019 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study Part 2: Practice Success

Volume 53 : Number 11 : Page 647 : Nov 2019

This second installment in a three-part series discusses factors related to practice success in terms of net income and case starts. The effects of delegation and various management and practice-building methods are examined, including historical comparisons across the 20 biennial Practice Studies.

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