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Tracking Employee Management Metrics

Volume 49 : Number 5 : Page 331 : Aug 2015

Originally published in May 2015 Employee management is probably the most stressful part of running an orthodontic practice. To be an effective leader, you need to practice strong communication, estab...


Working with Practice Management Consultants

Volume 26 : Number 12 : Page 0 : Dec 1992

Consulting I am told, is the world's second-oldest profession. It seems the temptation to tell others what to do and how to do it has always been irresistible. So, too, is the desire to receive advice...


Computer Evolution = Management Revolution

Volume 24 : Number 4 : Page 0 : Apr 1990

It has been five years since the American Association of Orthodontists recognized the age of the orthodontic computer system with a special meeting in Dallas. We are now entering an important second p...


A Consultant's View of Management Service Organizations

Volume 31 : Number 7 : Page 430 : Jul 1997

There are more than 9,000 practicing orthodontists in this country. There about half a dozen management service organizations. These MSOs have yet to enroll even 5% of the orthodontic population, and ...


Strategic Financial Statements for Better Practice Management

Volume 48 : Number 11 : Page 703 : Aug 2014

Originally published in November 2014 This column is compiled by JCO Contributing Editor Robert S. Haeger, DDS, MS. Every few months, Dr. Haeger presents a successful approach or strategy for a partic...


The Marketing of Orthodontics

Volume 13 : Number 3 : Page 163 : Mar 1979

Painless Parker Rides Again Throughout history, yesterday's criminals have frequently turned out to be tomorrow's heroes. Mahatma Gandhi, Jomo Kenyatta and Fidel Castro are internationally known examp...


JCO Interviews Robert J. Schulhof on Practice Management

Volume 15 : Number 11 : Page 760 : Nov 1981

JCO Bob, as President of Millenium Society, you have been heavily involved in orthodontic practice management. What do you see as the most significant single challenge orthodontists face today?ROBERT ...


JCO Interviews O.A. "Bud" Ham on Practice Management

Volume 16 : Number 4 : Page 237 : Apr 1982

GOTTLIEB In a JCO Interview last month, Avrom King discussed the Tier III orthodontic practice that he believes will be successful in 1990. Do you have a similar vision of the future, and how will the...


Marketing Your Practice

Volume 20 : Number 11 : Page 0 : Nov 1986

Marketing an orthodontic practice is simply the process of attracting patients to the practice. It consists of: 1. Identifying the sources of patients 2. Making those sources aware of your services 3....


What To Do When a Management Service Organization Comes Calling

Volume 31 : Number 7 : Page 433 : Jul 1997

The following article is reprinted by permission from The Blair/McGill Advisory, a monthly dental practice management and financial newsletter published by Blair, McGill & Company, 4601 Charlotte ...


JCO ROUNDTABLE The Future of Orthodontics, Part 2: Management and Other Issues

Volume 41 : Number 10 : Page 601 : Oct 2007

Continued from Part I Management MR. VOGELS To what extent is your office "paperless"? What new computer technologies do you think may emerge during the next decade to make practice management even mo...


JCO Interviews Dean C. Bellavia, PhD, on Practice Management

Volume 18 : Number 2 : Page 99 : Feb 1984

DR. GOTTLIEB What do you consider to be the ideal one-man practice?DR. BELLAVIA I think the ideal one-man practice has about 300 starts. You must work 40 weeks a year, four days a week, with seven sta...



Volume 1 : Number 10 : Page 146 : Aug 2019

Our final section tackles perhaps the most difficult area of practice management. Once you have found a practice to purchase or have started a new one with bank financing, it is time to build your ort...



Volume 1 : Number 10 : Page 76 : Aug 2019

Three articles are included to help you organize your practice data for optimal metrics and analysis. The first, “Defining Starts and Status Codes for Actionable Analytics” by Haeger and Zuelke, sets ...



Volume 28 : Number 10 : Page 0 : Oct 1994

Is it ever worthwhile to sue a patient to collect unpaid fees? As I have mentioned in previous columns, the practice of suing patients for payment may have substantial risk associated with it. Althoug...


Use of Management Consultants

Volume 13 : Number 4 : Page 252 : Apr 1979

According to a 1978 Medical Economics magazine survey, doctors who hire management consultants see more patients and earn more income than those who do not; and those who use consultants on a regular ...


Management of Impacted Cuspids

Volume 10 : Number 12 : Page 922 : Dec 1976

The history of the management of impacted cuspids includes an array of devices including castings, circumferential wires, swaged crowns, threaded pins, black copper cement and carboxylate cement. Dire...


An Introduction to Management Communication

Volume 11 : Number 5 : Page 321 : May 1977

The most precious personal possession that any of us have is our self-image. Each of us has several. For example, I have an image of the kind of father I am to my four daughters. I also have an image ...


Financial Management of the Orthodontic Practice

Volume 14 : Number 4 : Page 242 : Apr 1980

Much has been written concerning the future of the private practice of orthodontics. As each practitioner looks to his future, sound financial planning is advisable under any circumstances. In the pre...


The DigiGraph Work Station, Part 2: Clinical Management

Volume 24 : Number 7 : Page 0 : Jul 1990

Editor's note: Parts 1 and 3 of this series are published in the June and August 1990 issues of JCO.The DigiGraph Work Station (Fig. 23) is a unique device that allows the clinician to perform non-rad...

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