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JCO Interviews Dr. Charles M. Sorenson on the Behaviorally Oriented Practice

Volume 14 : Number 10 : Page 687 : Oct 1980


JCO Interviews the Kesling & Rocke Group on Begg Technique, Part 1

Volume 14 : Number 11 : Page 758 : Nov 1980

HGB The Kesling & Rocke Group represents the mother lode of Begg philosophy and treatment in the United States. Among you, you represent well over 50 years of Begg experience. Although the basics ...


JCO Interviews Dr. Charles J. Burstone on Orthodontic Force Control

Volume 15 : Number 4 : Page 266 : Apr 1981

DR. GOTTLIEB Understanding force systems is so important in orthodontics and yet most orthodontists find it hard to deal with the basic information. "As you increase the diameter of a round wire, you ...


JCO Interviews Dr. Vincent M. Kelly on Lingual Orthodontics

Volume 16 : Number 7 : Page 461 : Jul 1982

DR. GOTTLIEB Vince, how did you get started in lingual orthodontics? DR. KELLY About four years ago, I found myself spending a great deal of my quiet time thinking about the concept of lingual treatme...


JCO Interviews Robert J. Schulhof on Functional Appliance Results

Volume 17 : Number 2 : Page 125 : Feb 1983

GOTTLIEB Bob, in your article in the September issue of JCO entitled "Results of Class II Functional Appliance Treatment", you presented an analysis of the results of treatment with four functional ap...


JCO Interviews Dr. Donald H. Enlow on Craniofacial Growth

Volume 17 : Number 10 : Page 669 : Oct 1983

DR. GOTTLIEB Why is there still great controversy about the role of the condyle in mandibular growth?DR. ENLOW We've inherited a terminology, based on concepts that were held in the 1930s, that is bio...


JCO Interviews Dr. Weldon E. Bell on TMJ Function and Dysfunction

Volume 18 : Number 12 : Page 877 : Dec 1984

DR. WHITE Have you been surprised by the recent interest in the TMJ?DR. BELL Not really. The surprising thing to me is that the profession has been so slow to pick up a thing of such importance. Befor...


JCO Interviews Dr. Thomas Weimert on Airway Obstruction in Orthodontic Practice

Volume 20 : Number 2 : Page 0 : Feb 1986

DR. WEIMERT Polyps frequently recur, and patients are told this before they are removed. However, removal often provides the patient with several years of relief before another procedure is needed. DR...


JCO Interviews Dr. G. Herbert Hanson on the SPEED Bracket

Volume 20 : Number 3 : Page 0 : Mar 1986

DR. WHITE Why did you feel the profession needed a new bracket? DR. HANSON Twenty-five years ago, when I first observed bracket ligation with wires, it impressed me as being a very cumbersome and unpl...


JCO Interviews Dr. Bjorn Zachrisson on Excellence in Finishing, Part 1

Volume 20 : Number 7 : Page 0 : Jul 1986

DR. GOTTLIEB Bjorn, excellence in finishing cases is one of the most crucial aspects of orthodontic treatment. What are your goals in finishing? DR. ZACHRISSON I have individualized treatment goals fo...


JCO Interviews DR. BJORN ZACHRISSON on Excellence in Finishing, Part 2

Volume 20 : Number 8 : Page 0 : Aug 1986

(Continued from July 1986 issue) DR. GOTTLIEB What is your typical retention regimen? DR. ZACHRISSON I use two types of removable retainers and two types of bonded retainers(Fig. 17). In atypical Clas...


JCO Interviews Dr. Rolf Behrents on Adult Craniofacial Growth

Volume 20 : Number 12 : Page 0 : Dec 1986

DR. WHITE Your two books regarding the aging craniofacial skeleton are causing orthodontists to re-evaluate their traditional views about the adult patient. Did you expect that would happen when you s...


JCO Interviews Dr Junji Sugawara on the Skeletal Anchorage System

Volume 33 : Number 12 : Page 689 : Dec 1999

DR. WHITE When and how did you develop the idea for the Skeletal Anchorage System (SAS)? DR. SUGAWARA In 1992, we had a patient with a severe anterior crossbite and no molars for anchorage in the mand...


JCO Interviews Martin L. 'Bud' Schulman on Success Through Sharing

Volume 36 : Number 10 : Page 569 : Oct 2002

DR. GOTTLIEB Bud, one of the most intriguing things you have done in orthodontics has been your annual meetings of a group of some of the highest-income practices in the specialty. MR. SCHULMAN Yes, a...


JCO Interviews Dr. Jack G. Dale on Serial Extraction, Part 1

Volume 10 : Number 1 : Page 44 : Jan 1976

DR. BRANDT Serial extraction has been criticized lately as a bad procedure. Can it do more harm than good? DR. DALE Serial extraction can be a bad procedure and it can do more harm than good if it is ...


JCO Interviews Dr. Jack G. Dale on Serial Extraction, Part 2

Volume 10 : Number 2 : Page 116 : Feb 1976

DR. BRANDT Under what circumstances would you suggest stripping teeth instead of removing them?DR. DALE From time to time, I will reduce the mesial surfaces of the primary cuspids in patients where I ...


JCO Interviews Drs. Samuel Pruzansky and Howard Aduss on Cleft Lip and Palate

Volume 10 : Number 5 : Page 380 : May 1976

380-jco-img-8.jpg 380-jco-img-10.jpg Cleft palate treatment remains one of the areas in orthodontics that seems vague and instills a feeling of uncertainty and insecurity in us. To shed some sorely...


JCO Interviews Dr. William R. Proffit on the Proper Role of Myofunctional Therapy

Volume 11 : Number 2 : Page 101 : Feb 1977

101-jco-img-5.jpgDr. Proffit received his dental training at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry. Following his dental training, he obtained a Ph.D. degree in physiology and then was ...


JCO Interviews Dr. Lyman E. Wagers on Mixed Dentition Begg Treatment

Volume 12 : Number 9 : Page 631 : Sep 1978

631-jco-img-24.jpgJCO You advocate preorthodontic guidance as well as Begg treatment in the mixed dentition as a part of early intervention.DR. WAGERS Yes. Young patients who have a developing maloccl...


JCO Interviews Dr. Robert M. Ricketts on Early Treatment, Part 1

Volume 13 : Number 1 : Page 23 : Jan 1979

DR. BRANDT What should the term "early treatment" mean to practicing orthodontists?DR. RICKETTS Well, Sid, first let me thank you for the opportunity to talk to your readers again and especially to di...

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