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JCO Interviews Aaron Rubin, JD, on Malpractice

Volume 11 : Number 1 : Page 28 : Jan 1977

Dr. Rubin is an attorney who has written and lectured extensively to dentists on the subject of malpractice. He is a partner in the firm of Fanwick & Rubin, which is a malpractice insurance agent ...


JCO Interviews Dr. Anthony A. Gianelly on Statistics

Volume 11 : Number 4 : Page 266 : Apr 1977

266-jco-img-0.jpgDr. Gianelly is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Orthodontics, School of Graduate Dentistry, Boston University, Boston, Mass. He holds both the DDS and MD degrees, and has ...


JCO Interviews H.P. Bimler on Functional Appliances

Volume 17 : Number 1 : Page 39 : Jan 1983

DR. GOTTLIEB Peter, you are one of those rare pioneers and innovators in orthodontics. You developed an appliance that bears your name, and you developed a system of diagnosis and cephalometric analys...


JCO Interviews Alton W. Moore and Richard A. Riedel

Volume 4 : Number 3 : Page 156 : Mar 1970

Alton W. Moore received his dental education at the University of California in San Francisco, graduating with a DDS degree in 1941. Following a four-year period of time during which he interned at th...


JCO Interviews Dr. Terrell L. Root on Headgear

Volume 9 : Number 1 : Page 20 : Jan 1975

20-jco-img-1.jpgTerry Root is one of this country's outstanding clinical orthodontists, whose studies on headgear make him especially well qualified to discuss this subject. He is a diplomate of the A...


JCO Interviews Dr. Thomas D. Creekmore on Torque

Volume 13 : Number 5 : Page 305 : May 1979

JCO How important a factor in torque is bracket position on the tooth?DR. CREEKMORE It is supposedly very important, but I have not used a constant position of the bracket on the tooth. I find the var...


JCO Interviews Roger L. Rusley on Practice Stimulation

Volume 15 : Number 2 : Page 124 : Feb 1981

GOTTLIEB Roger, Is there a general slowdown in orthodontic practices across the country?RUSLEY Yes. I believe that right now there is-a deferral of services. People are putting off having orthodontic ...


JCO Interviews Robert J. Schulhof on Practice Management

Volume 15 : Number 11 : Page 760 : Nov 1981

JCO Bob, as President of Millenium Society, you have been heavily involved in orthodontic practice management. What do you see as the most significant single challenge orthodontists face today?ROBERT ...


JCO Interviews Dr. Robert Shaye on Functional Appliances

Volume 17 : Number 5 : Page 330 : May 1983

DR. GOTTLIEB Bob, you have had the advantage of training and experience in functional appliances in Europe.DR. SHAYE Yes, I lived in Europe for seven years, three of those as a general dentist, at whi...


JPO Interviews Abraham I. Harkavy, LLB, on the Matter of Malpractice

Volume 2 : Number 9 : Page 0 : Nov 1968

DR. BRANDT: Can you define in general what constitutes malpractice? And would the law in New Jersey be essentially the same as in other states? MR. HARKAVY : Basically, the law dealing with medical an...


JCO Interviews Dr. Fujio Miura on Direct Bonding of Plastic Brackets

Volume 6 : Number 8 : Page 446 : Aug 1972

446-jco-img-0.jpgDr. Fujio Miura is a native of Tokyo. He was born there in 1925 and educated there. He earned a degree in dentistry from the Tokyo Medical and Dental University in 1947. His orthodont...


JCO Interviews Dr. Anthony A. Gianelly on the Direct Bonding of Plastic Brackets

Volume 7 : Number 2 : Page 95 : Feb 1973

Dr. Gianelly is Professor and Chairman, Department of Orthodontics, Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry, Boston, Massachusetts. He is co-author, with Dr. Henry Goldman, of the text ''Biolog...


JCO Interviews Dr. S. Sigmund Stahl on Periodontic Considerations in Orthodontics

Volume 7 : Number 7 : Page 455 : Jul 1973

Dr. Stahl is Professor and Chairman, Department of Periodontics, Brookdale Dental Center, New York University. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Periodontics and Oral Medicine. He received hi...


JCO Interviews Morton Cohen and Elliott Silverman on Indirect Bonded Practice

Volume 8 : Number 7 : Page 384 : Jul 1974

384-jco-img-10.jpg 384-jco-img-11.jpg Completely Indirect Bonded Practice GOTTLIEB Is it correct that both of you are using an indirect technique and bonding all your attachments? SILVERMAN With the...


JCO Interviews Avrom E. King on the Future of Orthodontic Practice

Volume 13 : Number 11 : Page 735 : Nov 1979

GOTTLIEB You have a unique view of what is happening to the dental profession and to orthodontics which I would like you to share with our readers.KING Everything that we think we know about dentistry...


JCO Interviews Dr. James F. Mulick on Impacted Canines

Volume 13 : Number 12 : Page 824 : Dec 1979

The treatment of impacted cuspids has frequently presented special problems in many orthodontic offices. A patient is often informed of a retained deciduous cuspid with an impacted successor at an age...


JCO Interviews Martin L. "Bud" Schulman on Fee Management

Volume 14 : Number 3 : Page 190 : Mar 1980

GOTTLIEB Bud, orthodontists probably have more control over fees than they have over the number of patient starts and costs in an orthodontic practice. Do you agree?SCHULMAN Yes. I find that, in 1979,...


JCO Interviews Dr. Brainerd F. Swain on Current Appliance Therapy

Volume 14 : Number 4 : Page 250 : Apr 1980

  DR. BRANDT Barney, you were the originator of the Siamese bracket. How did that come about? DR. SWAIN Well, I came out with it in 1949 after several years of experimenting with what was then a relat...


JCO Interviews Dr. Homer W. Phillips on Bonding, Part 1

Volume 14 : Number 6 : Page 391 : Jun 1980

DR. GOTTLIEB Do you think that bonding has arrived as a substitute for orthodontic banding?DR. PHILLIPS I definitely do. Many simple everyday things that we take for granted have evolved because someo...


JCO Interviews Dr. Homer W. Phillips on Bonding, Part 2

Volume 14 : Number 7 : Page 462 : Jul 1980

DR. GOTTLIEB How often do you experience bond failure?DR. PHILLIPS Today it's pretty rare. We had a horrendous failure rate in the early years of bonding when techniques and materials weren't as good....

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