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A Half-Century of Excellence

Volume 51 : Number 9 : Page 507 : Sep 2017

This issue of the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics represents a landmark in orthodontic history: the 50th anniversary of our publication. Fifty years ago this month, Dr. Eugene Gottlieb, our founding ...


Index to Volume LI

Volume 51 : Number 12 : Page 827 : Dec 2017

2017 Author Index* *Articles with five or more authors are listed under only the first author's name because of space constraints. AGARWAL, K., KANT, A., SINGH, K., and KULSHRESTHA, R., Changes in the...


2018 Eugene L. Gottlieb JCO Student of the Year: Dr. Samaneh Mojarrad

Volume 52 : Number 4 : Page 240 : Apr 2018

The third JCO Student of the Year, hailing from the University of Pennsylvania, was selected by the editorial board over 21 other nominees in a two-stage, months-long competition. This Q&A details her life story, orthodontic education, clinical philosophy, and career goals.



Associating After Residency

Volume 53 : Number 4 : Page 205 : Apr 2019

Dr. Mike Meru reviews the pros and cons of various associateship options for new graduates, including private, group, and corporate practices. He explains the tax differences between employees and independent contractors and concludes with helpful tips for prospective associates.


2020 Eugene L. Gottlieb JCO Student of the Year: Dr. Saro Atam

Volume 54 : Number 4 : Page 202 : Apr 2020

The fifth JCO honoree, a native of Syria, is a resident at Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, New York. In this brief interview, Dr. Atam responds to questions about his student career, professional goals, and treatment philosophies.



George Souris, DDS, MSD, Braces by Souris

Volume 54 : Number 11 : Page 715 : Nov 2020

Dr. Souris operates a medium-size solo practice in North Olmsted, Ohio. In this interview, he discusses his treatment philosophy and application of technology, focusing on the use of Rhinogram, a text-messaging platform that has transformed his patient communication and scheduling.


2024 Eugene L. Gottlieb JCO Student of the Year: Dr. Grace Huang

Volume 58 : Number 3 : Page 185 : Mar 2024

The ninth winner of this annual award is a resident from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston. In a brief interview, Dr. Huang answers questions about her background, career path, educational experiences, research projects, and orthodontic treatment philosophy.


The Bull Study Group

Volume 2 : Number 8 : Page 0 : Oct 1968

The Bull Study Group is an outstanding example of a successful orthodontic study group. The most basic fact about it was that the men who formed the group recognized a need to improve their treatment ...



Management and Marketing

Volume 26 : Number 9 : Page 0 : Sep 1992

DR. MAYERSON Are you hands-on managers, or do you rely on your staff for day-to-day management of the practice?DR. BERKOWITZ Today's management style must involve a participatory approach on the part ...


Understanding Patients as Consumers

Volume 18 : Number 11 : Page 817 : Nov 1984

Today's orthodontic practices must be concerned with a variety of issues that are distinct from professional knowledge and competence. The increasing competitiveness in the field makes it important to...



Recruitment and Development of a Stable Orthodontic Team

Volume 26 : Number 8 : Page 0 : Aug 1992

Dr. Bob Brewka's unusual approach to an often-discussed topic--staff recruitment and development--is well worth reading. The parallels he draws between an excellent orthodontic staff and a football te...


Treatment Timing Onset or Onslaught?

Volume 5 : Number 4 : Page 191 : Apr 1971

Too often, discussions of treatment timing become debates about early treatment vs. late treatment when in truth, neither of these procedures exist as entities. We should be much ahead if we would ins...


JCO Visits PROfessional Positioners

Volume 9 : Number 9 : Page 563 : Sep 1975

The Editor went to Racine, Wisconsin to interview the President of PROfessional Positioners, Gerry Huge; the Vice-President, Dick Allesee; and the Laboratory Supervisor, Don Riegelman to see if their ...


Clinical Implications of the University of Washington Post-Retention Studies

Volume 43 : Number 10 : Page 0 : Oct 2009

Dr. Robert Little began his teaching career at the University of Maryland after graduating from the University of Washington orthodontic program in 1970. Later he returned to UW to teach and work towa...


Nonsurgical Correction of Severe Skeletal Class III Malocclusion

Volume 50 : Number 4 : Page 0 : Apr 2016

Optimal treatment of a Class III malocclusion with skeletal disharmony requires orthognathic surgery complemented by orthodontics.1 Treating such cases becomes much more challenging when the patient r...



Clear Aligner Therapy: An Overview

Volume 52 : Number 12 : Page 665 : Dec 2018

In this special Aligner Corner, Dr. William Gierie compares the major players in the exploding clear aligner industry. Tables list the available treatment options, materials, auxiliaries, software platforms, submission and delivery procedures, and costs for various companies.


The Double Tooth

Volume 14 : Number 11 : Page 780 : Nov 1980

The double tooth poses a variety of diagnostic, psychological, and treatment problems. Itkin and Barr2 listed the following categories of double teeth: Gemination. The partial splitting of a single bu...



And They Don't Blush

Volume 17 : Number 10 : Page 651 : Oct 1983

And They Don't BlushThe Federal Trade Commission is a stern adversary. Thus, in commissioning a study of health care delivery trends since 1977, it was not sufficient to seek an overview of the three ...


Practice Status Report: Practice Economics and Activity

Volume 22 : Number 3 : Page 0 : Mar 1988

Case reports customarily describe treatment of malocclusions. This Practice Status Report describes and compares two practices with regard to practice economics and activity--based on a number of fact...



If at First You Don't Succeed

Volume 24 : Number 10 : Page 0 : Oct 1990

If at First You Don't Succeed A few weeks ago my wife Lue and I were flying from Roanoke, Virginia, to Midland, Texas, via Dallas. Thunderstorms erupted over Dallas, and our flight was diverted to Hou...

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