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Adult Treatment Financing: An Interview with Martin (Bud) Schulman

Volume 39 : Number 4 : Page 215 : Apr 2005

This month's column is a short, but pertinent, interview with long-time consultant Bud Schulman. Over the years, Mr. Schulman has shared many outstanding ideas with orthodontists, and we are pleased t...



Ask Ann Marie: How Do You Approach the Interview Process for Hiring a New Team Member?

Volume 57 : Number 3 : Page 192 : Mar 2023

Dr. Gorczyca breaks down the hiring process into 13 easy steps. In this month’s column, she focuses on the interview process, including lists of useful questions to ask potential candidates, as well as questions that cannot legally be asked.


JCO Interviews Robert M. Ricketts

Volume 4 : Number 4 : Page 216 : Apr 1970

216-jco-img-0.jpgDR. BRANDT: Rick, as the representative of the many readers of the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics from all over the world, I have prepared a series of questions to deal with many fa...



T.M. Graber

Volume 4 : Number 9 : Page 500 : Sep 1970

500-jco-img-2.jpgDR. BRANDT: Do third molars have any influence on the stability of a treated dentition? Dr. GRABER: You know, Sid, each question stimulates enough thoughts to fill at least a chapter ...


JCO Interviews T.M. Graber

Volume 4 : Number 8 : Page 462 : Aug 1970

462-jco-img-0.jpgIf I were to print Dr. Thomas M. Graber's curriculum vitae, it would fill two pages of JCO. Suffice it to say that his most recent accomplishments have been as Professor and Head of t...


JCO Interviews the Kesling & Rocke Orthodontic Group, Part II

Volume 5 : Number 4 : Page 213 : Apr 1971

This is Part II of this interview. The first installment appeared in the March issue of JCO. Difficult Bite Opening How do you handle cases where the bite has failed to open to your anticipation? We k...



Dr. Eugene L. Gottlieb on 40 Years of JCO

Volume 41 : Number 9 : Page 489 : Sep 2007

DR. KEIM Gene, over the last 40 years, JCO has gone from a small, relatively obscure publication to one of the most widely circulated orthodontic journals in the world today. You must be very gratifie...



Dr. William Proffit on the Present and Future of Orthodontics

Volume 42 : Number 12 : Page 0 : Dec 2008

DR. SHOAF There is a move today toward the use of more sophisticated technologies in diagnosis and treatment planning. Do you think the average solo orthodontist should be investing in three-dimension...



Dr. Peter Sinclair on Orthodontic Treatment Philosophy

Volume 58 : Number 4 : Page 249 : Apr 2024

Dr. Robert Keim interviews the longtime JCO Associate Editor and orthodontic educator, who describes his background, mentors, and personal treatment philosophy. Dr. Sinclair also lists the top 10 things he has learned over 40 years in the profession.



Mr. Joseph Hogan on Align Technology

Volume 51 : Number 2 : Page 0 : Feb 2017

DR. KEIM To start off, Joe, is there anything you would particularly like to bring to the attention of JCO readers? MR. HOGAN I'd just like them to understand our position regarding the support that we have for orthodontists, and how we believe in the community. I believe there has been a lot of controversy in the past in the sense of our support of GPs vs. our support of orthodontists. I don't want your readers to have any kind of concern regarding how we view the orthodontic community. Our commitment to it is really important. Secondly, they're probably uncomfortable with me. They knew the former CEO of Align Technology, Tom Prescott, for several years. I think without being exposed to someone for very long, you fill your own vacuum in a sense of who this guy is, and I want them to be comfortable with me. I carry on Tom's legacy, and I see the company in a lot of the ways that Tom did.



Dr. Birte Melsen on Adult Orthodontics

Volume 22 : Number 10 : Page 0 : Oct 1988

DR. BURSTONE Dr. Melsen, we are delighted to have you here for this interview. We know that you have done a great deal of work in the treatment of adult cases. Are there special problems that we must ...



Dr. Birte Melsen on Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Volume 40 : Number 12 : Page 0 : Dec 2006

DR. CACCIAFESTA Prof. Melsen, I feel a bit humbled to be interviewing you for JCO, since I was one of your residents at the University of Aarhus from 1996 to 1999. Is it true that your practice in Ger...



Janet G. Travell, MD on Myofascial Pain

Volume 23 : Number 7 : Page 0 : Jul 1989

Dr. Janet Travell gained national and international attention in 1961 when President Kennedy appointed her White House Physician. That appointment simply confirmed the high professional esteem Dr. Tra...



Dr. Alex Jacobson on the Challenges in Orthodontic Education Today

Volume 22 : Number 9 : Page 0 : Sep 1988

DR. GOTTLIEB Alex, what do you consider to be your greatest challenge as an orthodontic department chairman today?DR. JACOBSON The greatest challenge as chairman is to determine what should be taught ...



Dr. Jim McNamara on Early Orthodontic and Orthopedic Treatment, Part 2

Volume 48 : Number 10 : Page 631 : Oct 2014

DR. KEIM Jim, the first part of our interview covered your background and how your treatment philosophy has evolved over time. I would like to continue with a discussion of the nuts and bolts of how y...



Drs. S.J. "Jack" Burrow and William R. Proffit on the Efficacy of Self-Ligating Brackets

Volume 47 : Number 7 : Page 413 : Jul 2013

DR. KEIM You have both stated, "The controversy of self-ligating brackets should be over." But the January 2013 issue of the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics features a Poi...



Dr. Rudolf Slavicek on Clinical and Instrumental Functional Analysis for Diagnosis and Treatment Planning, Part 1

Volume 22 : Number 6 : Page 0 : Jun 1988

DR. GOTTLIEB Rudi, what do you consider to be a complete orthodontic examination? DR. SLAVICEK We routinely do a thorough clinical examination--including an interview,muscle palpation, and a neurologi...



Charles J. Burstone, DDS, MS, Part 2: Biomechanics

Volume 41 : Number 3 : Page 0 : Mar 2007

Part 1 of this interview, on Facial Esthetics, is available in the February 2007 issue. DR. NANDA You have often been called the father of biomechanics in orthodontics. How did you get interested in b...



Dr. Lysle E. Johnston, Jr., on Orthodontics and the Scientific Method

Volume 27 : Number 4 : Page 0 : Apr 1993

DR. WHITE In the November 1990 issue of the British Journal of Orthodontics, you published an essay entitled "Fear and Loathing in Orthodontics: Notes on the Death of Theory". Why do you feel respect ...



Dr. Rudolf Slavicek on Clinical and Instrumental Functional Analysis for Diagnosis and Treatment Planning, Part 2

Volume 22 : Number 7 : Page 0 : Jul 1988

DR. GOTTLIEB Do you believe in a cuspid-protected occlusion for everybody? DR. SLAVICEK I believe that the cuspid is a very important tooth, but I don't like to make it the godfather of occlusion. The...

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