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Dr. Jim McNamara on Early Orthodontic and Orthopedic Treatment, Part 1

Volume 48 : Number 9 : Page 535 : Sep 2014

DR. KEIM Thank you for agreeing to participate in this interview, Jim. You are generally recognized as the world's leading authority in early and mixed-dentition orthodontic treatment. DR. MCNAMARA Th...


JPO Interviews P. Raymond Begg

Volume 1 : Number 1 : Page 16 : Sep 1967

16-jco-img-0.jpgDr. P. Raymond Begg was graduated in dentistry from the University of Melbourne, Australia in 1923. He became interested in orthodontics almost immediately and attended Dr. Edward H. A...


JCO Interviews Dr. Fred F. Schudy

Volume 9 : Number 8 : Page 495 : Aug 1975

495-jco-img-0.jpgThere are very few orthodontists who have attained the stature and repect that Fred Schudy has. He has lectured, published and taught extensively, generously sharing his time and vast...


JCO Interviews Dr. Brainerd F. Swain

Volume 7 : Number 11 : Page 698 : Nov 1973

698-jco-img-0.jpgUnfortunately, there are too few Barney Swains in this world. Fortunately, Dr. Swain has always been willing to share his knowledge and experience with his orthodontic colleagues. Tho...


JCO Interviews Dr. Andrew J. Haas

Volume 7 : Number 4 : Page 227 : Apr 1973

Dr. Haas earned his dental degree at Loyola and studied orthodontics at the University of Illinois, where he is currently an Assistant Professor of Orthodontics. He is a member of the Continuing Educa...


COMMENTARY JPO Interviews Dr. Charles H. Tweed

SIDNEY BRANDT Dec. 1967-Feb. 1968

Volume 51 : Number 9 : Page 516 : Sep 2017

The first part of Dr. Sid Brandt’s interview of Charles H. Tweed was published the same year JCO was introduced—1967 (it started out as the Journal of Practical Orthodontics). My own introduction to o...


JCO Interviews O.A. "Bud" Ham on Practice Management

Volume 16 : Number 4 : Page 237 : Apr 1982

GOTTLIEB In a JCO Interview last month, Avrom King discussed the Tier III orthodontic practice that he believes will be successful in 1990. Do you have a similar vision of the future, and how will the...


JCO Interviews Dr. Richard A. Riedel on Retention and Relapse

Volume 10 : Number 6 : Page 454 : Jun 1976

454-jco-img-3.jpgRetention and relapse are major topics of discussion whenever orthodontists congregate. Dick Riedel is an author, teacher, practitioner, lecturer, researcher, and among the subjects f...



Dwight Damon, DDS, MSD

Volume 46 : Number 11 : Page 667 : Nov 2012

DR. KEIM How did you become so interested in orthodontic research and development? DR. DAMON My father was an outstanding science teacher and deserves the credit for always encouraging me to be curiou...


JPO Interviews Dr. Charles H. Tweed, Part 1

Volume 1 : Number 4 : Page 142 : Dec 1967

It would be difficult to catalog the contributions to our specialty that have been made by Dr. Charles H. Tweed of Tucson, Arizona. It was with feelings of delight and humility that I accepted his per...


JCO Interviews Dr. James M. Reynolds, Part I

Volume 6 : Number 9 : Page 496 : Sep 1972

Jim Reynolds graduated from Baylor Dental College in 1944. A native of Lubbock, Texas--he returned to Lubbock to practice orthodontics. He has engaged in many community activities including twelve yea...


COMMENTARY JCO Interviews Dr. Bjorn U. Zachrisson on Excellence in Finishing

EUGENE L. GOTTLIEB Jul-1986-Aug. 1986

Volume 51 : Number 9 : Page 555 : Sep 2017

In a 1986 two-part interview, JCO Editor Gene Gottlieb discussed the details of case finishing with Dr. Zachrisson. Topics ranged from overcorrection to esthetic contouring and stripping to retention. This essay by Dr. Jonathan Sandler describes the impact of Dr. Zachrisson’s philosophy on the profession and on his own teaching.


JCO Interviews Avrom E. King on the Successful 1990 Orthodontic Practice

Volume 16 : Number 3 : Page 183 : Mar 1982

GOTTLIEB In our previous interview (JCO, November 1979), you discussed three tiers of dentistry and orthodontics emerging as a consequence of radical cultural change. How does that look two years late...


JPO Interviews Dr. Charles H. Tweed, Part 3

Volume 2 : Number 2 : Page 0 : Feb 1968

This is the third and concluding installment of the Tweed Interview conducted by Dr. Sidney Brandt, Interviews Editor for JPO. The first two installments appeared in the December, 1967, and January, 1...


JCO Interviews the Kesling & Rocke Orthodontic Group, Part I

Volume 5 : Number 3 : Page 156 : Mar 1971

Dr. P. Raymond Begg's published articles, "Stone Age Man's Dentition" and "Differential Force In Orthodontic Treatment" in the American Journal of Orthodontics had a profound effect upon dental and or...


JPO Interviews Dr. Charles H. Tweed, Part 2

Volume 2 : Number 1 : Page 0 : Jan 1968

This is the second installment of the Tweed interview, which was conducted by Dr. Sidney Brandt, Interviews Editor of JPO. The first part appeared in the December 1967 issue. DR. BRANDT: In your book ...


JCO Interviews the Kesling & Rocker Group on Begg Technique, Part 2

Volume 14 : Number 12 : Page 829 : Dec 1980

HGB Do you treat high angle cases differently? PCK To the untrained eye, all cases treated with the Begg Technique are treated essentially the same. All patients have archwires with anchor bends, and ...


JCO Interviews the Kesling & Rocke Orthodontic Group, Part III

Volume 5 : Number 5 : Page 260 : May 1971

This is the conclusion of this interview. The first two installments appeared in the March and April issues of JCO.Cuspid UprightingWhen a lower cuspid has been well tipped back in Stage I and Stage I...


JCO Interviews Dean C. Bellavia, PhD, on Practice Management

Volume 18 : Number 2 : Page 99 : Feb 1984

DR. GOTTLIEB What do you consider to be the ideal one-man practice?DR. BELLAVIA I think the ideal one-man practice has about 300 starts. You must work 40 weeks a year, four days a week, with seven sta...


JCO Interviews Dr. Donald R. Poulton on Surgical-Orthodontics

Volume 9 : Number 11 : Page 698 : Nov 1975

698-jco-img-1.jpgDr. Poulton has written and lectured extensively on orthodontic involvement in surgical-orthodontic procedures. He is Professor of Orthodontics, University of California School of Den...

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