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1987 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study, Part 2: Practice Success

Volume 21 : Number 9 : Page 0 : Sep 1987

Net income has been used in the four biennial JCO Orthodontic Practice Studies as the variable that best measures economic success. This is because it takes into account the effects of other key varia...



The Hostess Concept: The Ultimate Practice Builder

Volume 35 : Number 12 : Page 757 : Dec 2001

Second and third opinions are common nowa­days because of the economic climate in some parts of the country. Many parents believe that treatment results do not vary significantly from office to office...



Virtually Eliminating Undercuts in Invisalign's ClinCheck

Volume 52 : Number 1 : Page 51 : Jan 2018

Posterior restorations can result in undercuts that cause the edges of Invisalign trays to fold inward, making it difficult to insert or remove aligners. This Pearl from Dr. Cetta shows how to use ClinCheck to alter the shape of the simulated gingiva around such a restoration.


The Merits of Lay Consultation

Volume 13 : Number 6 : Page 377 : Jun 1979

In the past, when practitioners knew less about medicine and dentistry and more about local mores, the family physician and the neighborhood dentist were deferred to, respected and treated as communit...



The Way Forward Part 1: Office Environmental and Infection Control

Volume 54 : Number 6 : Page 340 : Jun 2020

The material contained in this communication is subject to change based upon federal, state, and local regulations; guidance from agencies; and additional knowledge that will come to light throughout ...



Martin L. "Bud" Schulman (1920-2008)

Volume 42 : Number 11 : Page 0 : Nov 2008

It is with a deep sense of personal and professional loss that I have learned of the death of Bud Schulman at his home in Chevy Chase, Maryland, on Sept. 27, at the age of 88. He was preceded in death...


Product News in June 2023 Issue

Volume 57 : Number 6 : Page 365 : Jun 2023

PRODUCT NEWS is presented as a service to the reader and in no way implies endorsement by JCO.


1989 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study, Part 2: Practice Success

Volume 23 : Number 10 : Page 0 : Oct 1989

The orthodontic economic equation, simply stated, is Fee x Number of Cases-Expenses = Net Income. This part of the 1989 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study will examine factors that appear to maximize the ...



Manage to Succeed

Volume 37 : Number 10 : Page 521 : Oct 2003

The data from the 2003 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study have been collated and analyzed, and the results will appear in a series of reports starting with this issue. As always, JCO would like to thank t...


2005 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study, Part 4: Additional Breakdowns

Volume 40 : Number 2 : Page 95 : Feb 2006

Over the past three months (November 2005, December 2005, January 2006), this series of articles on the 2005 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study has described trends in orthodontic economics and practice a...


2011 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study, Part 4: Additional Breakdowns

Volume 46 : Number 1 : Page 15 : Jan 2012

The series concludes with comparisons of male and female orthodontists and an analysis of the influence of management service organizations. Previous articles in this series of reports on the 2011 JCO...



My Best Advice

Volume 57 : Number 10 : Page 566 : Oct 2023

In this month’s issue, we present Part 1 of the 2023 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study, which covers important trends in practice management. This is the 22nd biennial survey conducted by JCO since 1981,...



Volume 12 : Number 7 : Page 486 : Jul 1978

Recent articles in the JCO have expressed a concern for the future of orthodontics as it is practiced today. The facts and figures used as examples in these articles are sound. The conditions that pre...


JCO Orthodontic Practice Study: Practice Growth

Volume 16 : Number 1 : Page 24 : Jan 1982

The JCO Orthodontic Practice Study examined characteristics of orthodontic practices that did and did not grow in 1980. The figures reported are medians, unless otherwise specified. The responses with...


One Pathway to Successful Orthodontic Practice

Volume 39 : Number 7 : Page 415 : Aug 2005

Originally published in July 2005 I am happy to serve as guest editor for this column, in which Dr. Andy Girardot provides an excellent system for improving staff motivation, office efficiency, and pr...



Reminiscences of the '30s

Volume 22 : Number 4 : Page 0 : Apr 1988

DR. WAHL The 1930s were a time of great change in our profession. Graduate courses were being introduced in the universities; fullbanded treatment was becoming fashionable; cephalometric radiography w...



R.G. "Wick" Alexander, DDS, MSD

Volume 46 : Number 6 : Page 329 : Jun 2012

(Editor's Note: Associate Editor Peter Sinclair conceived this department devoted to recognizing the Master Clinicians who have made the orthodontic specialty what it is today. Every few months in JCO...


2019 Eugene L. Gottlieb JCO Student of the Year: Dr. Katya Skillestad

Volume 53 : Number 4 : Page 210 : Apr 2019

The fourth recipient of the annual JCO student award, selected from among 18 nominees, is a native of Uzbekistan and a resident at Texas A&M University. In a brief interview, Dr. Skillestad responds to questions about her career and philosophy.



Regina Blevins, DDS, MS, Minnesota Orthodontics

Volume 54 : Number 3 : Page 167 : Mar 2020

Dr. Blevins co-owns a 13-office orthodontic practice in the Twin Cities area with Dr. Delia Dall’Arancio. In this interview with JCO Editor-in-Chief Robert Keim, Dr. Blevins discusses her practice philosophy, treatment systems, staff management policies, marketing strategies, and community activities.


2022 Eugene L. Gottlieb JCO Student of the Year: Dr. Shelby Steffenhagen

Volume 56 : Number 5 : Page 264 : May 2022

A student from the University of Texas Health San Antonio School of Dentistry is named the seventh winner of this award. In a short question-and-answer session, Dr. Steffenhagen tells her story and discusses her views on current orthodontic treatment.

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