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2020 Eugene L. Gottlieb JCO Student of the Year: Dr. Saro Atam

Volume 54 : Number 4 : Page 202 : Apr 2020

The fifth JCO honoree, a native of Syria, is a resident at Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, New York. In this brief interview, Dr. Atam responds to questions about his student career, professional goals, and treatment philosophies.


Establishing an Optimal Pricing Strategy for Your Practice

Volume 48 : Number 9 : Page 563 : Aug 2014

Originally published in September 2014 Can an orthodontist create a fee schedule that is fair to patients while still providing maximum profits for the practice? This article will look objectively at ...


Orthodontic Economic Index--1985

Volume 19 : Number 7 : Page 496 : Jul 1985

Our review included the largest number of practice financial statements from consulting clients that we have ever analyzed; The change in our percentage of larger-than-average practices has been so pr...


2015 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study, Part 3 Practice Growth and Staff Data

Volume 49 : Number 12 : Page 745 : Dec 2015

In the two previous two installments of this series on the 2015 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study, we examined trends in economics and practice administration since our first survey was conducted in 1981 (Part 1, JCO, October 2015) and factors that seem to be associated with practice success, as reflected in net income and case starts (Part 2, JCO, November 2015). This final part will cover practice growth in case starts and gross income over the two years since the 2013 Study, as well as staff employment patterns, salaries, and benefits. The methodology for this Study, which was the second to be conducted online rather than by mail, was detailed in Part 1. The full tables and questionnaire are available to JCO subscribers in the Online Archive at www.jco-online.com; select the contents for the October 2015 issue and click on the listing for "Complete Tables".


1997 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study, Part 3: Practice Growth

Volume 31 : Number 12 : Page 801 : Dec 1997

In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, we have discussed trends in orthodontic economics and practice administration since JCO's first Orthodontic Practice Study in 1981, along with factors that appear rela...


Practice Development Letters

Volume 19 : Number 5 : Page 372 : May 1985

An effective letter system can be a good adjunct to building patient rapport and reinforcing a positive image of your practice. Written communications are effective because they are tangible. Letters ...



Reception Desk: Structure and Measurements

Volume 19 : Number 12 : Page 874 : Dec 1985

Whether you adopt an open reception desk concept or a more private design, there are basic principles to remember to keep the desk attractive and functional for the people who work behind it. A recept...


What Business Schools Should Have Been Teaching All Along

Volume 24 : Number 8 : Page 0 : Aug 1990

Peter Drucker asked when we were together afew years ago, "How are the meetings atyour company?""Frankly," I answered, "they're prettybad--but meetings at all companies are.""Try this", he suggested. ...


Converting Observation Recalls to New Starts

Volume 28 : Number 4 : Page 0 : Apr 1994

Many orthodontists place 35% or more of their new patients on observation recall. Some of them use this as an excuse for having case acceptance ratios of around 55%. With an effective observation reca...



Historic Restorations

Volume 29 : Number 6 : Page 0 : Jun 1995

Several orthodontists have recently purchased and renovated older buildings of historic significance for their offices. With perseverance and the approval of the appropriate government agencies, this ...



Volume 29 : Number 10 : Page 0 : Oct 1995

1. How often and for what reasons do you prescribe any of the following drugs or treatments? Anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxantsOnly a few of the respondents said they prescribed these drugs ...


The Clinical Efficiency of Self-Ligated Brackets

Volume 35 : Number 5 : Page 304 : May 2001

The SPEED* bracket system (Fig. 1) has been reported to save a significant amount of time compared to conventional ligated brackets.1-4 During the last few years, the introduction of other self-ligati...



The Invisalign Office

Volume 39 : Number 4 : Page 259 : Apr 2005

Over the past five years, Dr. Brewka and his staff have become increasingly proficient in using Invisalign* appliances; as an Invisalign Premier Provider, he has started more than 700 patients in Invi...



What Defines a Specialist?

Volume 48 : Number 6 : Page 333 : Jun 2014

Shortly after completing my graduate program in orthodontics, I was interviewed by an older orthodontist from my hometown who was looking for an associate to join his practice and eventually buy him o...



The Road to Retirement

Volume 49 : Number 4 : Page 221 : Apr 2015

Like many others in my generation--the baby boomers-- I am looking forward to the day I can retire. As I write this editorial, I look up at my daily calendar and see that I have 1,676 days until I am ...



Hybrid Aligner Treatment

Volume 57 : Number 1 : Page 9 : Jan 2023

Hybrid aligner mechanics utilize the advantages of clear aligners while accounting for their limitations in producing certain tooth movements. Drs. Kravitz, Miller, Bowman, and Wilmes review applications of clear aligners in combination with fixed appliances, laboratory-fabricated devices, and various auxiliaries.



Electronic Stagecoaches

Volume 31 : Number 8 : Page 483 : Aug 1997

When a new technology arrives, hardly anyone accurately forecasts how or in what forms it will ultimately benefit us. This is usually because people view the promise of anything new through the prism ...


2013 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study, Part 1: Trends

Volume 47 : Number 11 : Page 661 : Nov 2013

This three-part series will describe and analyze the most important results of the 17th biennial JCO Orthodontic Practice Study. JCO subscribers can access the complete tables and the survey questionn...



Clinical Considerations in Patients at High Risk for Root Resorption

Volume 55 : Number 4 : Page 207 : Apr 2021

Drs. Al-Awadhi and Finan list patient-related risk factors for root resorption and review evidence-based recommendations from the literature for avoiding orthodontically induced resorption. Appliance choices, types of tooth movement, force application, duration of treatment, and extractions are covered.


The Tooth Aligner

Volume 5 : Number 12 : Page 655 : Dec 1971

One of the annoyances that orthodontists encounter from time to time in extraction as well as in nonextraction cases is a slight crowding of mandibular incisors following orthodontic treatment. We hav...

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