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Doing The Math

Volume 31 : Number 7 : Page 446 : Jul 1997

When considering the pros and cons of affiliation with a management service organization, an orthodontist would be prudent to do the math. Stock Math Stock is a major part of the MSO transaction--afte...



Volume 3 : Number 12 : Page 633 : Dec 1969

JPO is going to change its name. We are going to be known in the future as JCO, THE JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ORTHODONTICS. We feel that the change will be in the best interest of our profession and in the ...



New Pearls Column

Volume 15 : Number 4 : Page 226 : Apr 1981

In this month's issue, JCO is inaugurating an Orthodontic Pearls feature. Pearls (of wisdom) have been a popular part of some orthodontic meetings, lectures and courses. This department will be conduc...



1983 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study Results

Volume 18 : Number 3 : Page 145 : Mar 1984

1983 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study Results Analysis of the results of the first JCO Orthodontic Practice Study revealed the state of the specialty with regard to practice administration and economics...



The Orthodontist as Entrepreneur

Volume 19 : Number 1 : Page 9 : Jan 1985

The Orthodontist as EntrepreneurIn undertaking a private practice, an orthodontist is--by definition--an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship has wonderful potential benefits, but demands vision and energy ...


Overcoming Fingersucking Habits

Volume 20 : Number 1 : Page 0 : Jan 1986

Methods advocated for controlling fingersucking habits have included intraoral appliances,1,2 plaster-of-paris thumb spica,3 and pinning or tying children's hands to their sides.4 In addition to these...


Practice Planning: A Team Effort

Volume 23 : Number 2 : Page 0 : Feb 1989

No orthodontist would undertake treatment without a treatment plan. No orthodontist should conduct a practice without a practice plan--a written statement of where you want your practice to go and how...



Beginning at the End

Volume 23 : Number 3 : Page 0 : Mar 1989

Beginning at the EndI don't know who first suggested the phrase "Knowledge-Based Society". There is no doubt that Alvin Toffler popularized the concept in his still-relevant book, The Third Wave. Othe...



Toward a New Orthodontics

Volume 24 : Number 4 : Page 0 : Apr 1990

Toward a New Orthodontics Until now, orthodontics has been based on a craft management model. There is a mechanical task to be done; we do it, retain it for a period of time, and dismiss the patient. ...



People, Product, and Profit

Volume 30 : Number 5 : Page 0 : May 1996

People, Product, and Profit In the February issue of JCO, I reported on a book by James Collins and Jerry Porras (Built to Last, Harper Business Books, New York, 1994) that contains lessons for orthod...



2001 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study

Volume 35 : Number 10 : Page 601 : Oct 2001

Starting in this issue, JCO will report, in a series of three articles, the most important and interesting results of the 2001 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study. The com­plete tables will be available in...



Changing of the Guard

Volume 35 : Number 11 : Page 661 : Nov 2001

This month marks Larry White's last issue as Editor of JCO. For more than 13 years, he has served the pro­fession with distinction in that position. He has written countless editorials, interviews, an...


How Long Should You Keep Your Business Records?

Volume 37 : Number 5 : Page 258 : May 2003

This article is reprinted by permission from The Blair/McGill Advisory, a monthly newsletter devoted to tax, financial planning, investment, and practice management matters exclusively for the dental ...


Clinical Uses for Office Copy Machines

Volume 13 : Number 6 : Page 388 : Jun 1979

Many dental offices utilize copy machines for duplication of correspondence and various business forms, such as ledgers and day sheets. There are now several brands of copiers in the price range of so...


Orthodontics in Japan

Volume 16 : Number 11 : Page 741 : Nov 1982

There has been a vast amount of commentary in America which interprets the success of Japanese companies and the competitive edge of Japanese industries in terms of the "art" of Japanese management. I...


1993 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study, Part 2: Practice Success

Volume 27 : Number 10 : Page 0 : Oct 1993

Part 1 in this series (JCO, September 1993) included information on the distribution and methodology of JCO' s seventh biennial survey of U.S. orthodontists, along with analysis of economic trends sin...



Bell's Oral and Facial Pain

Volume 49 : Number 9 : Page 596 : Sep 2015

Pain in the orofacial complex is one of dentistry's most vexing and mysterious diagnostic challenges. Basically ignored by medicine and orphaned by the dental specialties, oral and facial pain continues to plague millions of people. Whether or not you intend to diagnose and treat such patients, Bell's Oral and Facial Pain remains the essential text on the subject. Dr. Jeffrey Okeson, Professor and Chair of the Department of Oral Health Science and Director of the Orofacial Pain Program at the University of Kentucky, has dedicated the seventh edition of the book to its namesake - his mentor, teacher, and friend, Dr. Weldon E. Bell.


Product News in January 2020 Issue

Volume 54 : Number 1 : Page 57 : Jan 2020

PRODUCT NEWS is presented as a service to the reader and in no way implies endorsement by JCO.


Product News in September 2023 Issue

Volume 57 : Number 9 : Page 553 : Sep 2023

PRODUCT NEWS is presented as a service to the reader and in no way implies endorsement by JCO.


Performance Appraisal

Volume 11 : Number 6 : Page 420 : Jun 1977

Management in business and industry has expended much energy and time in developing models of accountability and systems of performance appraisal for top and middle management. Theorists believe that ...

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