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JCO at 40

This month marks the 40th anniversary of the first publication of the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, known around the world as JCO. An idea that began as a chance remark in 1967 has become an international institution. What was initially offered to orthodontists only in the United States now has subscribers in 89 countries worldwide. All this is gratifying to us, of course, but not entirely surprising.

Orthodontists were--and, to an extent, still are--isolated in their individual offices and eager to learn about creative ideas being practiced in other locations. Coincidentally, our specialty has experienced an extraordinary amount of change in the treatment of the orthodontic patient and the management of the orthodontic practice. Although the United States may have led the way at the start of this 40-year period and may hold the lead even to this day, the specialty is experiencing an internationalization, as evidenced by growing numbers of graduate orthodontic programs and practicing orthodontists all around the world.

One example of this trend has been the development of skeletal anchorage, primarily in Korea, and the extensive reporting on its progress in JCO. You might call this "experience-based orthodontics". It cannot be considered scientific evidence based on controlled clinical trials, but it is practical evidence based on "this is what I did and here are the results". Our readers are trained clinical orthodontists capable of evaluating what they read and deciding on the merits. That may be what has made JCO a must-read in most practices.

If, as has been said, life begins at 40, there is every indication that JCO enters the next decade fully prepared to continue to serve the specialty in its own unique way.



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