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JPO is going to change its name.

We are going to be known in the future as JCO, THE JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ORTHODONTICS. We feel that the change will be in the best interest of our profession and in the advancement of the publication idea that produced JPO in the first place.

From its beginning in 1967, our journal has filled a need in our specialty for a publication that is practice-oriented and that provides an informal forum for the exchange of ideas, techniques and experiences among all the members of our profession who want to participate. During that time we have received uniformly warm support from a growing group of subscribers, contributors, and advertisers. We only exist because of you and we are ever aware of the obligation that we have to you and to the profession.

The only change that we plan, in addition to the change in name, is a change in cover design. We do not plan a change in image or content. The idea remains the same. We have been a journal of clinical orthodontic practice. We will continue as before and constantly strive to improve. Except for adding new features as they develop and expanding when we can, JCO will continue as an independent publication aimed at presenting practical material on the clinical aspects of the treatment of the orthodontic patient and the management of the orthodontic practice.



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