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Product News in December 2023

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The Samba robotic toothbrush is the first product that allows people with disabilities to brush their teeth independently without sacrificing oral hygiene, according to the manufacturer. The flexible brush head features an arrangement of 17 micro-­brushes, each with 790 soft bristles, to apply the perfect amount of pressure. Requiring only the push of a button, Samba combines low- and high-frequency movements for a deep and effective clean in only 60 seconds per arch.

For more information, contact Curaden USA Inc., 4255 E. McDowell Road, Suite 109, Mesa, AZ 85215. (800) 919-0120; www.curaprox.us/info/samba.

Clear Aligner Update

The ClearCorrect aligner system has launched new ClearControl features, including posterior bite ramps and extended-­beveled engages, as new solutions for challenging tooth movements. The complementary ClearPilot treatment-viewer software has also been upgraded; version 7.0 offers new visualization options and advanced editing tools to enable greater control over treatment plans, according to the company. A new streamlined dashboard provides practice insights and easy access to categorization, note-taking, and other tools.

For more information, contact Straumann USA LLC, 60 Minuteman Road, Andover, MA 01810. (800) 448-8168; www.straumann.com.

Digital Bonding System

3M’s Digital Bonding System incorporates streamlined protocols for an enhanced patient experience, according to the manufacturer. The system works in concert with 3M’s Oral Care Portal, where clinicians can create ideal, customized treatment plans. A patient’s customized tray is delivered in fewer than 10 days, enabling precise placement of an entire arch of brackets at once. The Digital Bonding System is compatible with 3M’s APC Flash-Free precoated metal and ceramic brackets.

For more information, contact 3M Oral Care, 2724 S. Peck Road, Monrovia, CA 91016. (800) 401-3001; www.3M.com.


The Dragonfly loupe seamlessly integrates Orascoptic’s industry-­leading optics with its award-winning headlight, according to the company. The battery and circuitry are contained within the frame to avoid visible wires or cords, and the counterbalance design ensures all-day comfort by minimizing pressure on the wearer’s nose bridge. The Pro model comes in four colors and can be customized with multiple magnifications. High and low light-intensity settings are available, with as much as a six-hour runtime on low.

For more information, contact Orascoptic, 6650 Ronald Reagan Ave., Madison, WI 53704. (800) 369-3698; www.orascoptic.com/en-us/dragonfly-pro.

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