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June 2016

The Editor's Corner

Restorative Materials in Orthodontics

...All too often, I have a tendency to forget that I, too, am essentially a dentist. I tend to get lost in the realms of facial growth and development, orthodontic biomechanics, force systems, and retention, overlooking the wide world of restorative techniques and materials at my disposal. Gestalt psychologists refer to this “getting lost” as functional fixedness: the inability to conceptualize or utilize an object in a way other than the way it is commonly used. As orthodontists, we sometimes fail to see the potential of restorative materials to solve a number of clinical problems. For example, direct bonding to enamel with composite resins—now the standard method for attaching brackets—has eliminated the need to band every tooth in the mouth...

On the cover: This month’s cover illustrates the use of composite enamel shells to achieve a temporary cosmetic makeover, as described in the article by Dr. Hourfar and colleagues.

June Issue Highlights

Esthetic Provisional Restoration after Space Closure in Patients with Missing Upper Lateral Incisors
Hourfar, Lucchi, Ludwig, Ruff, Rosa, Kanavakis

Effectiveness of Composite Attachments in Controlling Upper-Molar Movement with Aligners
Garino, Castroflorio, Daher, Ravera, Rossini, Cugliari, Deregibus

CASE REPORT Correction of Complete Upper Canine-Premolar Transposition with Palatal Miniscrew Anchorage
Piedade, Shahinfar, dos Santos, Pinheiro

Quad Helix Canine System for Forced Eruption of Impacted Upper Canines
Ricchiuti, Mucedero, Cozza

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JCO Online Features

Congratulations to Rutgers' Dr. Krystian Jarosz, winner of the 2016 Eugene L. Gottlieb JCO Student of the Year Award, Presented by American Orthodontics.

  • Dr. Jarosz has won more than $8,000 worth of products, services, and travel expenses from American Orthodontics, JCO, and Dolphin. He will receive his award on Sunday, May 1 at 11 A.M. at the American Orthodontics booth (#1341) in Orlando.
  • Read more about the award and Dr. Jarosz in our press release.
  • Read Dr. Jarosz's profile in the March issue of JCO and on our Facebook page.


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