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April 2017

The Editor's Corner

Camouflage or Surgery?

...I am sure she presented one of my least favorite clinical situations: a “borderline surgical case”. When offered the option of orthognathic surgery, she and her parents declined, and she was successfully treated with orthodontic camouflage. While there is no formal definition of a “borderline case” or of “orthodontic camouflage”, as the late Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said (in reference to obscenity), “I know it when I see it.” Knowing it when you see it and knowingwhat to do about it are two different things. Borderline cases are always difficult diagnostic calls to make...

On the cover: The maxillary expander described by Dr. Maino and colleagues is illustrated on this month’s cover.

April Issue Highlights

ALIGNER CORNER Evaluating the Efficacy of Lower Incisor Intrusion with Clear Aligners
Glassic, Gluck, Kotteman, Messersmith

From Planning to Delivery of a Bone-Borne Rapid Maxillary Expander in One Visit
Maino, Paoletto, Lombardo, Siciliani

Orthodontic Camouflage vs. Surgical-Orthodontic Treatment of Skeletal Class II Malocclusions
Pinho, Raposo

PEARLS A Modified Retainer for Class II or III Functional and Surgical Patients
Thomas, Thomas

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