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July 2015

Dr. Robert L. Boyd: The Editor's Corner

The Future of Imaging

In the near future, we will also be able to relate two different time points in treatment with these combined IS-CBCT images, allowing us to determine three dimensional differences in tooth movement with 6° of freedom. This will require accurate superimposition on a reference such as the cranial base, which changes very little as growth completes in adolescents and even less in adults. We are already using Anatomage software to measure 3D tooth displacements against a volume reference in the cranium. Align Technology is finalizing its own software, called Quantify, which will be made available to all qualified investigators for a better understanding how teeth really move in space (click on link to see video: Fig. 4).

On the cover: A montage illustrates Herbst appliance patients before treatment and one, six, and 32 years after treatment, as discussed in the article by Drs. Pancherz and Bjerklin.

July Issue Highlights

The Herbst Appliance 32 Years after Treatment
Pancherz, Bjerklin

CASE REPORT Coordinated Logopedic and Lingual-Orthodontic Treatment of an Open-Bite Case
Albertini, Forni, Lombardo, Siciliani

Treatment of Pseudo-Class III Malocclusion with a Modified Reverse Twin Block and Fixed Appliances
Shastri, Nagar, Tandon

Invisalign Treatment of Class III Malocclusion with Lower-Incisor Extraction
Needham, Waring, Malik

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