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April 2015

Bob Keim: The Editor's Corner

The Road to Retirement

...Perhaps the biggest financial mistake I made as a young practitioner was not seeking professional investment advice to set up secure, conservative retirement funds right off the bat. I see the same mistake being made by a number of doctors I have trained over the past 25 years. At the beginning of your career, retirement seems a long, long way off. You will inevitably be surprised at how quickly the years go by. If I could give one piece of advice to a current or recent orthodontic graduate...

On the cover: Aligner treatment with miniscrew anchorage, as described by Dr. Bowman and colleagues, is shown.

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April Issue Highlights

OVERVIEW Clinical Applications of Predictable Force Systems, Part 2: Miniscrew Anchorage
Chandhoke, Nanda, Uribe

Changes in Orthodontists' Retirement Planning and Practice Operations Due to the Recent Recession
Sturgill, Park

Creative Adjuncts for Clear Aligners, Part 3: Extraction and Interdisciplinary Treatment
Bowman, Celenza, Sparaga, Papadopoulos, Ojima, Lin

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