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June 2015

Bob Keim: The Editor's Corner

Our Favorite Cases

Over years of orthodontic practice, each of us develops a repertoire of case types we prefer to treat—in effect, a kind of personal sub-specialty in which we are particularly proficient. For example, I have always enjoyed working with cleft-palate cases, so much so that I eventually decided to treat them for free if the financial strain would overly burden a needy family’s resources. I enjoy the challenges presented by clefts, and the long-term positive effect on kids’ lives is payment enough for me. A good friend and colleague of mine is a long-time devotee and instructor of the Tweed technique, as taught at the Tweed Study Course in Tucson, Arizona. Consequently, the cases he enjoys treating most are severe Class II patients who refuse surgery for whatever reason. His finished nonsurgical Class II cases...

On the cover: The “surgery first” approach described by Drs. Aristizábal, Martínez Smit, and Villegas is illustrated on this month’s cover.

June Issue Highlights

The “Surgery First” Approach with Passive Self-Ligating Brackets for Expedited Treatment of Skeletal Class III Malocclusion
Aristizabalál, Smit, Villegas

OVERVIEW Compounded Topical Anesthetics in Orthodontics
Kravitz, Graham, Nicozisis, Gill

Effective Mechanics for Vertical Control with the Forsus Fatigue Resistant Device

CASE REPORT Compensatory Retreatment of an Adult Class II Deep-Bite Patient
de Oliveira, Pithon, dos Santos, Pantuzo, Soares, Oliveira

Complete June table of contents

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