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October 2016

The Editor's Corner

A Digital Standard of Care

...The rise of intraoral digital scanners and threedimensional models has rendered my elaborate explanation of the fabrication of study casts somewhat trivial. In recognition of this development, I suggested to my captive audience that by the time they reach mid-career, physical impressions and study casts made of dental stone might well be obsolete. The Readers’ Corner in our current issue, orchestrated by long-time JCO Associate Editor Peter Sinclair, seems to bear that out. In this informal survey, fully 62% of the respondents said they had already purchased intraoral scanners, and half of the rest intended to buy one in the near future. I was amazed at that finding, even after taking into account that JCO readers are generally a technology-inclined group and that the survey was conducted online.....

On the cover: These three-dimensional superimpositions of scanned digital casts illustrate the Cutting Edge article by Dr. El Nigoumi.

October Issue Highlights

THE CUTTING EDGE Assessing the Accuracy of Indirect Bonding with 3D Scanning Technology

Simultaneous Intrusion and Distalization Using Miniscrews in the Maxillary Tuberosity
Sada Garralda

Accelerated Orthodontics Using Pulsatile Forces in Orthognathic Surgical Patients

PEARLS An Easy Activation Technique for a Twin Block Appliance
Jain, Bharti, Chhajed

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