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April 2016

The Editor's Corner

Relating to Pediatric Dentists

... But when I asked him who the senior partner would be in his associateship, since I know many of the orthodontists in New Mexico, he suddenlyreturned to his customary reticence. He averted his eyes and sort of mumbled under his breath a name I had never heard. On further questioning, it turned out the reason for his reluctance was that the senior partner was not an orthodontist at all but, rather, a pediatric dentist with multiple offices who wanted to offer “in-house ortho”.

My student seemed to be ashamed or embarrassed about this, so he was obviously relieved when I didn’t respond negatively. Instead, I told him that it appeared to be an excellent opportunity in a wonderful place. To my way of thinking, the notion that a real orthodontist would be delivering orthodontic care to the patients in this pediatric practice was a positive development...

On the cover: The Carriere Class III Motion Appliance is depicted on this month’s cover.

April Issue Highlights

Nonsurgical Correction of Severe Skeletal Class III Malocclusion

MANAGEMENT & MARKETING What Influences a Pediatric Dentist to Refer to a Particular Orthodontist?
Kothari, Pruzansky, Park

A “Renewable” Archwire for Uprighting Impacted Lower Second Molars

PEARLS Double-Ligation Technique for Rotated Teeth
Chain, Tan, Loomba, Seth, Sarkar

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JCO Online Features

Congratulations to Rutgers' Dr. Krystian Jarosz, winner of the 2016 Eugene L. Gottlieb JCO Student of the Year Award, Presented by American Orthodontics.

  • Dr. Jarosz has won more than $8,000 worth of products, services, and travel expenses from American Orthodontics, JCO, and Dolphin. He will receive his award on Sunday, May 1 at 11 A.M. at the American Orthodontics booth (#1341) in Orlando.
  • Read more about the award and Dr. Jarosz in our press release.
  • Read Dr. Jarosz's profile in the March issue of JCO and on our Facebook page.


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