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May 2015

Bob Keim: The Editor's Corner

Pushing the Extraction Envelope

It seems that the great extraction debate is an inherent artifact of the specialty of orthodontics. I took up the subject in JCO as recently as December 2014, when Drs. Daniel J. Rinchuse, Lauren Sigler Busch, Daniel DiBagno, and Mauro Cozzani began a comprehensive two-part Overview of the extraction literature. Although the 2014 JCO Study of Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Procedures (October 2014) reported that the median percentage of patients treated with extractions has declined from 35% in 1986 (the year of our first survey) to 15% in 2014, the debate seems to linger. Having just returned from a great AAO annual session in San Francisco, I am still chuckling over comments from a couple of colleagues...

On the cover: Mechanics of asymmetrical molar protraction illustrate the article by Drs. Cozzani, Mazzotta, Rinchuse, and Cozzani.

May Issue Highlights

Asymmetrical Mandibular Molar Protraction with Conventional Mechanics
M. Cozzani, Mazzotta, Rinchuse, P. Cozzani

Atypical Extractions in Adult Treatment
Shastri, Tandon, Nagar

MANAGEMENT & MARKETING Tracking Employee Management Metrics

CASE REPORT Orthodontic Movement of a Lower Incisor Across the Midline

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