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The JCO Clinical Advisory Council

In September, JCO announced the formation of its inaugural Clinical Advisory Council. The Council comprises outstanding orthodontists who will be regularly surveyed on clinical topics to ensure that the journal remains on the cutting edge of the specialty while reflecting the current consensus of best practices. In addition, they serve as ambassadors for JCO within their orthodontic communities. We currently have 38 Council members from around the world, but I anticipate adding more.

Council members receive a certificate that they can display in their offices, the official logo to use on printed material and business websites, and most important, recognition on the expanded JCO masthead, which can be seen for the first time in this issue. JCO will also provide them with materials to use in their lectures and social-media posts. Council members’ duties include providing feedback or suggestions and attending several virtual meetings each year.

In our first such meeting last fall, it was wonderful to see so many colleagues whom I admire. The list includes Drs. Roberto Hernández-­Orsini (who will become ABO President in May, 2025), Regina Blevins, Roberto Carrillo, Jeffrey Miller, Jonathan Nicozisis, Tito Norris, Dovi Prero, and many others. Many of these members are also contributing to next month’s special issue, devoted to the topic of clinical failures. I am certain this will be a seminal issue that will be referenced for decades.

To clarify, the Council is not quite the same as our Editorial Board. Although Board members are automatically included in the Council, the Board’s primary purpose is to review submitted manuscripts. JCO is proud to be the world’s premier refereed clinical orthodontic journal; at least two or three Board members, including myself, review each manuscript in detail prior to its acceptance. I have begun to ask Clinical Advisory Council members to review submissions in their particular fields of expertise, and I expect that several of them may transition onto our Board as new positions become open.

Those of you who have heard my lectures are well aware that I always devote several minutes in the beginning and at the end to my involvement with JCO. Typically, I say something to the effect that, “If you like what I am doing in the profession by working to bring everyone together, the greatest show of appreciation would be your subscription to the journal.” I am asking our Council members—all of whom are active subscribers—to do something similar during their lectures or in their social-media posts.

The way I see it, the Clinical Advisory Council will be invaluable in sustaining JCO’s growth. If you believe this role speaks to you and you would like to join, please let me know, as we are always looking for new leaders to promote the journal. JCO’s mission for 2024 is simple: We want to continue to be at the forefront of clinical orthodontics, as well as to promote sound treatment philosophies and biomechanics that re­affirm both the AAO’s and the ABO’s values. I am happy to report that our team has just become larger.




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