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Product News in December 2022 Issue

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Software Update

Edge Cloud 7.1 features an improved Global Payments integration, supporting EMV, debit, and contactless payments, as well as automatic updates for expiring cards on file. Other enhancements include autogenerated miscellaneous-charge insurance claims, a date-of-birth caption option for patient images, an office filter in the scheduler to accommodate multiple-office owners, and new integrations for DDX, Infinitt, and New York Medicaid Export, according to Ortho2.

For more information, contact Ortho2, 1107 Buckeye Ave., Ames, IA 50010. (800) 678-4644; www.ortho2.com.

Water Compliance Kit

The single-operatory kit from the SMART Compliance brand represents the next step in simplifying waterline compliance efforts for dental staff, according to the company. Each kit includes four-packs of Citrisil shock tablets and MyCheck in-office water test paddles, a Sterisil dental water microbiological cartridge, and a quick-start guide. A supplemental test kit and complimentary compliance binder are also available.

For more information, contact Sterisil, Inc., 835 Highway 105, Suite A, Palmer Lake, CO 80133. (719) 622-7200; www.sterisil.com.


The newest product in the MI Paste line, MI Paste ONE Kids, contains bioavailable calcium and phosphate, fluoride, and naturally derived milk protein for safe and effective treatment of white-spot lesions and noncavitated tooth demineralization, according to the company. The peptide in Recaldent (CPP-ACP) preferentially combines with and stabilizes fluoride to create the ideal source for building fluorapatite to help protect and repair enamel. MI Paste ONE Kids is available in bubblegum, cotton candy, and blue raspberry flavors.

For more information, contact GC America, 3737 W. 127th St., Alsip, IL 60803. (800) 323-7063; www.gcamerica.com.

Impression Material

Henry Schein has enhanced its popular HSB VP Mix and Blu-Bite products with the introduction of VP Mix HP Max Hydro and Blu-Bite HP fast and super-­fast set. VP Mix provides the highest level of hydrophilicity for consistent, detailed impressions, according to the manufacturer, and Blu-Bite is a smooth, non­resistant mousse-like registration material that offers low resistance to closure and minimizes mandibular deviation for improved accuracy and reliability.

For more information, contact Henry Schein Orthodontics, 1822 Aston Ave., Carlsbad, CA 92008. (800) 344-3397; www.henryscheinortho.com.

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