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Product News in March 2022 Issue

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Software Update

3M’s Oral Care Portal, the cloud-based digital workflow for Clarity Aligners and Digital Bonding Tray, is offering several updates to enhance the user experience and enable more treatment planning flexibility, according to the manufacturer. The Case Notes tool allows orthodontists to input notes and reference them in an added column on the case and patient lists. Using AI technology, the portal now automatically classifies record types and provides visibility for antero­posterior shift when revising a treatment design.

For more information, contact 3M Oral Care, 2724 S. Peck Road, Monrovia, CA 91016. (800) 401-3001; www.3M.com.


M-Series Expansion Wires are prefabricated copper nitanium wires that have a built-in narrow or wide shape to expand or constrict the arch. According to the company, the wires eliminate the need for manual wire shaping, which simplifies archwire sequencing and results in more consistency and accuracy. A line extension of the Carriere M-­Series Wires, these preshaped wires are ideal for treating expansion, crossbite, and Brodie bite mal­occlusions.

For more information, contact Henry Schein Orthodontics, 1822 Aston Ave., Carlsbad, CA 92008. (800) 344-3397; www.henryscheinortho.com.

Pain Management Device

The Dental Pain Eraser uses neuromodulation technology with 10Khz subsensory electric pulse waves to reduce pain from TMD, hyperocclusion, extractions, debonding, and other painful conditions and procedures. Available as a clinical unit with replacement tips or as a home-treatment unit for individual patient use, this portable, pen-shaped device is applied directly to the tooth, gingiva, or mucosal surface to block pain in as little as 10 seconds, according to the manufacturer.

For more information, contact Synapse, 67 Phenix Ave., Cranston, RI 02920. (401) 428-3600; www.dentalpaineraser.com.

Virtual Windows

The Illusions of Nature 4K Virtual Window enhances patient comfort and relaxation by bringing dramatic lighting and natural elements into the orthodontic office through nature videos. The high-definition LED screens and components are designed to withstand round-the-clock operation for many years, according to the company. Also available is Virtual Skylight, an energy-efficient ceiling that appears to be a blue sky with clouds overhead, in custom shapes and sizes.

For more information, contact Kryptonite Solutions, 100 Church St., Suite 800, New York, NY 10007. +91-022-2860-0128; www.kryptonite.global.

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