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Product News in February 2021 Issue

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Soft-Tissue Retractor

The Umbrella Soft Tissue Retractor holds the mouth open in a natural, comfortable position without pulling or stretching, but still allows the patient to open, close, and swallow as needed, according to the company. An innovative tongue-retraction design helps the tongue rest comfortably in the guard while gently raised to the roof of the mouth, ensuring easy access for clinicians.

For more information, contact Ultradent Products, 505 West 10200 South, South Jordan, UT 84095. (800) 552-5512; www.ultradent.com.

Electric Toothbrush

The Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige with SenseIQ technology senses the user’s brushing style—including pressure, motions, and coverage—and adapts to provide optimal cleaning and care for teeth and gingivae, according to the manufacturer. The all-in-one brush head features longer, angled bristles for deeper cleaning and improved plaque reduction, as well as triangular tips for stain removal. A compact travel case with integrated USB port and cable is included.

For more information, contact Philips North America Corporation, 3000 Minuteman Road, Andover, MA 01810. (800) 682-7664; usa.philips.com.

Mask with Purifier

The Clevair mask filters out viruses and other microorganisms through six layers of protection and a purifier unit providing ultraviolet light sterilization. According to the manufacturer, the mask is also comfortable enough for everyday wear, with a variable-speed fan to vent heat, carbon dioxide, and moisture. An anti-fog nosepiece helps keep glasses clear. Each package includes three washable masks (black, white, and dark blue), the purifier unit, and a lightning USB cable for quick recharging.

For more information, contact OrthoEssentials, 10 Lippincott Lane, Suites 6-7, Mount Holly, NJ 08060. (866) 517-3257; www.orthoessentials.net.

Aligner Improvements

The Spark Clear Aligners release 10 includes a more rigid material option, TruGEN XR, for better control and predictability during the finishing and refinement stages, according to Ormco, while still offering the force retention, clarity, stain resistance, and thickness of the original, more flexible TruGEN. The new release also introduces comfortable, durable posterior bite turbos for complex cases. In addition, Spark Approver software now supports importing patient CBCT data, which can be automatically aligned with the 3D model.

For more information, contact Ormco, 1717 W. Collins Ave., Orange, CA 92867. (800) 854-1741; www.ormco.com.

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