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Product News in January 2020 Issue

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Tablet Barrier Sleeve

Disposable, latex-free barrier sleeves fit over iPads and other tablets—even those in cases—to prevent cross-contamination, minimize disinfection needs, and protect the devices during use, according to the manufacturer. An adhesive flap helps seal the tablet inside, and the clear plastic does not interfere with touchscreen functions. The sleeves are sold in packs of 100.

For more information, contact Palmero Healthcare, 120 Goodwin Place, Stratford, CT 06615. (800) 344-6424; www.palmerohealth.com.

Patient Recall Texting

OperaDDS Recall is a stand-alone system that integrates with practice-management software to send appointment reminders automatically, reducing missed appointments by as much as 80%, according to the company. The system features two-way texting, allowing offices to communicate directly with patients to reschedule, and it can also send e-mails or postcards if patients prefer. When cancellations occur, mass texts can be sent to patients on a waiting list, so the practice can keep its schedule full.

For more information, contact OperaDDS, 109 Bushaway Road, Wayzata, MN 55491. (651) 350-1698; www.operadds.com.

Payment Texting

Rhinogram now offers a RhinoPay feature for requesting and receiving payments by encrypted, HIPAA-compliant text messaging. Patients or parents can securely pay bills from their smartphones after receiving the text messages, according to the company, thus simplifying and speeding up the billing process. Rhinogram’s telehealth platform, which integrates with most health record and management systems, tracks the status of requests and payments and triages all incoming messages for delivery to the appropriate departments.

For more information, contact Rhinogram, 2158 Northgate Park Drive, Suite 220, Chattanooga, TN 37415. (423) 800-7644; www.rhinogram.com.

Remote Monitoring Tool

The ScanBox from Dental Monitoring helps patients accurately scan their own mouths remotely using an iPhone or Android phone, according to the ma­nu­facturer. After installing an app, the patient slides the phone into a slot on the box, places a cheek retractor, attaches the box to the retractor, and follows the audio instructions to conduct the scan. Results are analyzed by an artificial-intelligence engine before being communicated to the doctor. This regular monitoring, with scans conducted at the correct distance under accurate lighting, can reduce the number of office visits; a full scan takes less than two minutes.

For more information, contact Dental Monitoring, 13809 Research Blvd., Austin, TX 78750. (888) 505-7202; www.dental-monitoring.com.

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