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Reviewed here: Arvystas: Orthodontic Management of Agenesis and OtherComplexities: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Functional Esthetics (2003).

Orthodontic Management of Agenesis and Other Complexities: AnInterdisciplinary Approach to Functional Esthetics


248 pages. $99.95. 2003.

Martin Dunitz, London, distributed by

Thieme New York

333 Seventh Ave.

New York, NY 10001

(800) 782-3488; [url_new=http://www.thieme.com]www.thieme.com[/url_new]

Few orthodontic texts aim ashigh as this one and hit theirmark. Dr. Arvystas's magnificenthardcover book examines an interdisciplinarysubject from anumber of different aspects, anddoes so admirably.

The first chapter is an extensivediscussion of currentconcepts of dentofacial esthetics.Dr. Arvystas not only drawsupon the work of respected biologistsand orthodontists, but alsopresents the esthetic conclusionsof noted artists such as AlbrechtD├╝rer. An accomplished sculptorhimself, Dr. Arvystas unites orthodontics,smile esthetics, andclassical artistic theories of facialproportions in a chapter thatwould stand alone as an introductionto this complicated subject.

Subsequent sections presentthe author's rationale for thediagnosis and treatment of caseswith agenesis, particularly of themaxillary lateral incisors, eitherunilaterally or bilaterally. Themanagement of premolar agenesisis also covered. All the orthodonticand post-orthodontic implantand/or prosthetic treatmentsare thoroughly documented,and the cases are consistentlyfinished to high standards. Photographicreproduction is alsoexcellent.

The remaining chapterscover adult interdisciplinarytreatment and other complex orthodonticproblems in children,adolescents, and adults. In aunique discussion of long-facesyndrome, the differential diagnosisand treatment-planning decisionsrequired to optimizedentofacial corrections for thesepatients with vertical disharmoniesare clearly and simplypresented.

Dr. Arvystas's text offers aserious and comprehensive perspectiveon esthetic and functionalconsiderations that will beappreciated by postgraduate orthodonticresidents, orthodonticclinicians and academicians, anddental colleagues who participatein interdisciplinary casemanagement.


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