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Reviewed here: Van der Linden: Orthodontic Concepts andStrategies (2004), Quintessence

Orthodontic Concepts andStrategies


304 pages, 2,300 illustrations. $186. 2004.

Quintessence Publishing Co., Inc.

551 N. Kimberly Drive

Carol Stream, IL 60188

(800) 621-0387; [url_new=http://www.quintpub.com]www.quintpub.com[/url_new].

Dr. Van der Linden has been amajor contributor to the orthodonticliterature for the betterpart of a half-century. A prolificauthor, he has published morethan 180 peer-reviewed papersand a series of six textbooks onorthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics.As noted on the backcover of his current book, he hasalways had an interest in incorporatingbasic research into clinicalpractice. But while his previousbooks have reflected a heavyemphasis on craniofacial growththeory, Orthodontic Conceptsand Strategies focuses on practicalclinical applications.

The 18 chapters cover allthe routine areas of orthodontictreatment, as well as such vexingproblems as impacted cuspids,asymmetries, open bites, and"non-occlusions". I particularlyappreciated the discussion of the"Validity of Facial Orthopedics",which Dr. Van der Linden addressesin a straightforward, no-nonsensemanner. After a thoroughreview of the pertinent literature,the author concludes that"although facial orthopedicsmay not have a permanent effect,it facilitates the attainment of agood occlusion and, when usedat an early age, provides severalother benefits: functional conditionscan be improved early, lipclosure is stimulated, and the riskfor fractures of maxillary incisorsis reduced."

This kind of authoritativepragmatism permeates the book.To my mind, however, the book'sstrongest aspect is its copious illustrations,most of which couldbe described as works of art.Like the drawings in the author'searlier works on the developmentof the dentition, the illustrationsin the first chapter, dealing withcomplications during the transitionaldentition, are especiallyinformative. Both reflected anddirect views provide the readerwith a three-dimensional perspectiveon the eruptive paths ofthe permanent teeth.

Overall, this is a remarkabletext. It provides the readernot only with a solid theoreticalunderpinning for evidence-basedclinical decision making, butalso with precise mechanisms, inboth words and pictures, for implementingthose decisions.Strongly recommended for anyoneinvolved in clinical orthodontics.


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