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Reviewed here: Willison and Warunek: Practical Guide to Orthodontic Appliances (2004)

Practical Guide to Orthodontic Appliances



619 pages. $195. 2004.

Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd.

P.O. Box 5111, Tonawanda, NY 14151

(800) 828-7626; [url_new=http://www.greatlakesortho.com]www.greatlakesortho.com[/url_new]

This book uniquely combinesthe skills of a CertifiedDental Technician and lectureron laboratory procedures (Mr.Willison) with the expertise of apracticing orthodontist and academic(Dr. Warunek). As Dr.James McNamara states in theforeword, "The intended audienceis broad, including the seasonedlaboratory technician aswell as the novice who is just beginninghis or her career as an orthodontictechnician. In addition,this volume provides awealth of knowledge for thepracticing orthodontist as well asfor orthodontic graduate studentslearning to construct orthodonticappliances during theirresidency."

The first section coversbasic concepts from simple explanationsof dental anatomy tocomplex biological principles.Each of the six chapters is writtenso that both the novice andthe expert can follow along, andeach builds on the others in alogical sequence, from toothidentification to arch dimensions,cephalometrics, fixed appliances,extractions, and interproximalenamel removal. Toshow how thorough this book is,the section ends with a discussionof how to design an orthodonticlaboratory.

Section II ("Technical Procedures")is equally comprehensive,and by itself would serve asan excellent textbook. Beginningwith impression techniques, itprogresses through fabricationof all the most popular appliances,with a brief history ofeach appliance where appropriate.The construction proceduresare easy to follow, thanks to numerousphotographs and illustrations.

The Herbst appliance andits various banded, crown, andacrylic-splint designs are describedin detail. The authorsalso include outlines on facebowtransfer, indirect bonding, retainers,active plates, soldered appliances(with soldering exercises),functional appliances, mouthguards,and invisible plates, finishingwith a passage on theBiostar and its many applications.

The collaboration of thesetwo authors has resulted in ahigh-quality text presented in alogical, readable format. A usefulquiz at the conclusion of eachchapter helps ensure comprehension.Students, technicians, andorthodontists will all find thisbook to be a must for their libraries.


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