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Welcome to our video blog!

Our goal here is to provide resources for orthodontists around the world by sharing your experiences in reopening your office during COVID-19. Anyone is welcome to contribute, just record a short (try to aim for less than 5 minutes) video of your experiences and either upload it to YouTube and e-mail us the link, or e-mail us the video and we will upload it to YouTube and send you the link. If the file is too large to e-mail, please contact us and we'll arrange to get it another way.








Dr. Jennifer Salzer discusses reopening in New York City in the practice she operates with Dr. Marc Lemchen.





Dr. Felix Gen from the Cleveland, Ohio, area made a video for his patients so they could understand what to expect at his practices.





Dr. Jonathan Gluck from Nashville, Tennessee, shares some insights from their first day back, including setting the tone as the doctor to stick to procedures even when falling behind on the schedule.





Dr. Vijay Bhagia from Houston, Texas, created this video to set patient expectations and give a tour of how the new office setup will work.




Dr. John Graham from Salt Lake City, Utah, describes how reopening his office has gone (the word "glorious" is used) and what procedures his office is using.

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