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Product News in June 2022 Issue

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3D Printer

The SprintRay Pro S 3D printer line harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to manage the orientation, supports, and layout of any project. Smart Print AI tracks surgical holes to ensure that important product areas are kept free of supports. According to the company, the printers can handle many workflows in less than an hour, thanks to faster processing with the new ProCure 2 postcuring system, which provides 25 times more power than the previous model.

For more information, contact SprintRay Inc., 2705 Media Center Drive, Suite 100A, Los Angeles, CA 90065. (800) 914-8004; www.sprintray.com.

Repositionable Hook

As the only repositionable hook on the market today, according to the manufacturer, the Ultima Hook is the latest advancement in the Damon Ultima system. This snap-fit hook is prepositioned on the archwire, saving clinician and staff time, and can be placed flush against the bracket. The hook is made from nickel titanium, offering super­­elastic properties; a supporting instrument is provided to move the hook along the wire.

For more information, contact Ormco, 1717 W. Collins Ave., Orange, CA 92867. (800) 854-1741; www.ormco.com.

Clear Aligner System

ArchForm gives the clinician full control of setups with easy-to-use tooth-movement software. Orthodontists can either print the aligners in-office or order robotically produced aligners from the factory at a reasonable price. ArchMill, available to ship in the third quarter of 2022, is a the first fully integrated five-axis desktop aligner trimming machine, according to the company, and works seamlessly with the ArchForm platform.

For more information, contact ArchForm, 740 Kifer Road, Suite 100, Sunnyvale, CA 94086. www.archform.com.


Curaprox BeYou toothpaste is made to be gentle and effective, without the aggressive foaming agents that can cause dry mouth, according to the manufacturer. The fluoride toothpaste contains hydroxyapatite and glucose oxidase for an enzymatic whitening effect and xylitol to tackle bacteria. Available in watermelon and peach apricot flavors, the toothpaste also contains herbal ingredients to support the mucous membranes and minimize inflammation.

For more information, contact Curaden USA Inc., 4255 E. McDowell Road, Suite 109, Mesa, AZ 85215. (800) 919-0120; www.curaden.us.

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