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Product News in May 2021 Issue

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Software Upgrades

Gaidge analytical software is now integrated with OrthoFi management software, an upgrade that will save time and assure data integrity for orthodontic practices, according to the developers. Users will have full access to real-time statistics, reports, practice metrics, and financial data without the need to enter data twice or interrupt workflows, allowing for improved financial and business intelligence and efficiency.

For more information, contact Gaidge LLC, 3631 Mount Vernon Road, Suite 101, Gainesville, GA 30506. (800) 287-3396; www.gaidge.com.

3D Print Resin

KeyModel Ultra 3D modeling resin is formulated with an integrated release agent, making thermoformed aligners and other appliances easier to remove from models. According to the manufacturer, the resin is designed for fast printing and curing, with reduced peel forces to increase print accuracy, and the printed models can be carved without chipping when adjustments are needed. The resin is available in ivory and light gray.

For more information, contact Keystone Industries, 480 S. Democrat Road, Gibbstown, NJ 08027. (800) 333-3131; www.dental.keystoneindustries.com.

Shaped Brackets

A new Disney line of products, including Mickey Mouse-shaped brackets, is available from Wildsmiles Braces. Intended for patients younger than 14, these fun brackets improve patient acceptance, according to the company. The stainless steel .018" and .022" brackets, designed for the upper incisors and canines, are available in Roth and MBT prescriptions. The collection also offers colored elastics featuring such popular Disney characters as Mickey and Minnie, Dory, Olaf, and Woody and Jessie.

For more information, contact Wildsmiles Braces, 14441 Dupont Court, Suite 100, Omaha, NE 68144. (402) 334-7171; www.wildsmilesbraces.com.


A recent six-month study of 65 participants found that LivFresh toothpaste significantly improved clinical periodontitis symptoms when used as a part of routine home care. Patients who brushed with LivFresh showed an average improvement of 1.16mm in pocket depth, along with 31% less plaque, a 19% reduction in gingival inflammation, and a 17% reduction in bleeding. According to the manufacturer, the product is formulated with activated edathamil, which works at the molecular level to break the bond between teeth and bacterial biofilm, preventing plaque from sticking. LivFresh is available in wintergreen, peppermint, and mild peppermint flavors.

For more information, contact Livionex, Inc., P.O. Box 320928, Los Gatos, CA 95032. www.getlivfresh.com.

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