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Product News in March 2020 Issue

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3D Print Resin

As many as four transparent bite guards, splints, or occlusal night guards can be printed in less than one hour using VeriSplint OS resin in a 385nm Asiga 3D printer, according to the manufacturer. The resulting rigid splints are durable, polishable, and stain- and scratch-resistant. The fully biocompatible resin has received FDA 510k clearance.

For more information, contact Whip Mix Corporation, 361 Farmington Ave., Louisville, KY 40209. (800) 626-5651; www.whipmix.com.

Handpiece System

The MediLectric handpiece system features a compact, brushless motor that balances power, control, and comfort during any high- or low-speed application, according to the manufacturer. The easy-to-install unit provides 3.4Ncm of torque and speeds as high as 40,000 rpm through an E-type connection. Commonly used settings can be saved in memory and accessed from the front panel.

For more information, contact Medidenta, 731 Pilot Road, Suite L, Las Vegas, NV 89119. (800) 221-0750; www.medidenta.com.

Aligner Buttons

DynaFlex’s Precision Align­er Buttons now include a clear button made from a translucent ceramic-composite hybrid material, in addition to the previously available silver- and gold-colored stainless steel versions. The maximized surface area makes the buttons less susceptible to breakage and detachment from elastic pull, according to the manufacturer, and the enhanced button head makes it easy to attach elastics. The base pad precisely fits aligner cutout windows on the canines and premolars and is contoured to fit comfortably at the gingival margin.

For more information, contact DynaFlex, 10403 International Plaza Drive, St. Ann, MO 63074. (866) 346-5665; www.dynaflex.com.

Monitoring App

The Alignflow platform incorporates artificial intelligence and real-time patient progress data to provide Dynamic Treatment Optimization for clear aligner patients, according to the developer. Patients log into the HIPAA-compliant app to see reminders, track progress, view treatment resources, share pictures and videos, read or send instant messages, or attend virtual visits. Doctors can check and adjust treatment status without waiting until the next appointment, thus improving efficiency.

For more information, contact In Hand Health, LLC, 7311 W. 130th St., Suite 170, Overland Park, KS 66213. (913) 701-7444; www.alignflow.com.

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