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Product News Published in January 2019

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Eruption Appliance

OrthoEssentials has debuted a line of Eruption Appliances in stainless steel or 24-karat gold plate, with either round or rectangular bases. The appliances are available in packages of 10, according to the company.

For more information, contact OrthoEssentials, 10 Lippincott Lane, Suites 6-7, Mount Holly, NJ 08060. (866) 517-3257; www.orthoessentials.net.

Bite-Raising Appliance

Guray Instant Bite Raisers provide temporary bite opening for unobstructed tooth movement in cases of deep bite or crossbite. According to the manufacturer, the appliances insert easily into existing headgear tubes, require no patient compliance, reduce the chance of bond failure, and eliminate the need for restorative materials, laboratory work, or removable bite planes. Short- and long-armed versions are made for gingival or occlusal tubes, in sizes of .8mm for children and 1mm for adults. Guray EZ Sliders and EZ Space Maintainers are also available.

For more information, contact Guray Dental, Cinnah Cad., No. 37/3, 06690 Cankaya/Ankara, Turkey. (90 532) 213-68-09; www.drgurayortho.com.

Orthodontic Instruments

Ormco has introduced a new line of stainless steel Premium Instruments for a wide variety of procedures, including 45 pliers with maximum capacities from .015" to .4" and 12 cutters with capabilities from .012" to .021" √ó .025". According to the company, the durable precision instruments are covered by a six-year warranty.

For more information, contact Ormco, 1717 W. Collins Ave., Orange, CA 92867. (800) 854-1741; www.ormco.com.

Cephalometric Software

CephX has received a patent for a process that incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to provide automated tracing and immediate analysis of cephalometric x-rays. According to the company, the process identifies landmarks and produces a cephalo­metric analysis within three seconds. Online cloud-based storage allows images to be shared across devices.

For more information, contact CephX Technologies, 7500 W. Lake Mead Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89128. (800) 992-1499; www.cephx.com.

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