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Clear Aligner Technique


320 pages, 1,344 illustrations. $218. 2018.

Quintessence Publishing Co., Inc., 4350 Chandler Drive, Hanover Park, IL 60133.
(800) 621-0387; www.quintpub.com.

As a former Director of the Predoctoral Invis­align Clinic in the Department of Orthodontics, New York University College of Dentistry, I was thoroughly impressed by this extra­ordinary contribution to 21st-
century orthodontics. Dr. Tai’s 15 chapters run the full gamut of clinical practice with clear aligners, from case selection through retention.

The practitioner’s ability to examine a patient, produce orthodontic records, and diagnose relevant problems for clear aligner therapy (CAT) are assumed. Chapter 3 simplifies the critical step of case selection by illustrating the diagnostic process in four planes of space, including perimeter or arch-length discrepancies. These clear graphics will enable clinicians to determine whether patients are suited for CAT as practiced in their particular offices.

In my experience with dental and orthodontic students, one of the most powerful tools of the Align Technology system is the ClinCheck software, with which the practitioner can digitally test the staging and outcomes of different treatment options to achieve optimum results. Chapter 4 goes into great detail about how to get the most from this exceptional predictive program.

The most effective sections of the book present CAT treatment of a wide range of malocclusions: crowding, deep bite, anterior open bite, Class II, and Class III, even with premolar or lower incisor extractions. Dr. Tai’s cases are beautifully illustrated with before-and-after photographs, and every detail is described, so that the reader can understand the complexities of these treatments and the decisions that went into achieving the final results.

To establish a foundation of orthodontic knowledge that is otherwise unavailable, this text should be placed in the hands of every dental and orthodontic student. It should also serve as the premier reference book for any orthodontic practitioner who is enhancing patients’ smiles with clear aligners.


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