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Welcome to the Temporary Home of JCO's Digital Shorts!

We are excited to offer a new benefit for JCO subscribers: Digital Shorts. These 5-15 minute videos will cover a topic in a little more depth than you would expect from a Pearl, but obviously not quite so much as a full-blown webinar. While we work on creating a permanent home for these Digital Shorts on our website, we are housing them here, in the July 2018 month of the Archive, so as to keep this (mostly!) a subscriber-only benefit.

I say mostly because our first two Digital Shorts, from Dr. Neal Kravitz on bracket substitution and Dr. Tito Norris on his LEED certified office, are free for anyone to watch. We will announce new Digital Shorts on our Facebook page, so if you don't already follow us there now is a good time to start. We will also be sure to mention them in the printed Journal, although they will not appear in the table of contents.

Eventually they will have a permanent home similar to our Webinars page.

We hope you enjoy these short videos and please let us know if there are any topics you'd like us to address!



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