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Reviewed here: Landau: Atlas of Cosmetic Dentistry: A Patient's Guide (2003)

Atlas of Cosmetic Dentistry: A Patient's Guide


40 pages, 127 color illustrations. $198. 2003.

Quintessence Publishing Co., Inc.

555 Kimberly Drive

Carol Stream, IL 60188.

(800) 621-0387


Orthodontic treatment today isoften followed by one ormore implant or implant-supportedprosthodontic procedures.Sophisticated periodontalconsiderations may be requiredas well.

The public's demand forcosmetic dental services ismatched only by the dental profession'sunique and ever-increasingsophistication in the interdisciplinaryapplication oftechniques designed to maximizeboth esthetics and function.This new level of sophisticationrequires the clinician to be familiarwith all the potential restorative,prosthodontic, periodontal,surgical, and orthodontic contributionsto the overall treatmenteffort--and to be able to communicatethat information to thepatient.

Dr. Mark Landau has authoreda multipurpose Atlas ofCosmetic Dentistry that will beindispensable as a patient guidein any dental office. It is far morethan just a series of before-and-afterphotographs of basic andmore complex cosmetic dentaltreatments. Each page contains aspecific clinical topic, or "problem",and its cosmetic "solution".The text is direct, accurate,succinct, professional, and educational.

Topics include tooth discolorationand asymmetry, gummysmile and unesthetic restorations,uneven gum line and toothmalalignment, stained teeth, diastemata,unesthetic restorations,white-spot lesions, toothwhitening, missing teeth withimplant-supported restorations,and numerous other esthetic andfunctional clinical dilemmas. ToDr. Landau's credit, the underlyingperiodontal health and the integrationof interdisciplinarycontributions to the overall estheticoutcome are prominentlyfeatured.

This wide, durable, spiral-boundbook comes with a built-incollapsible stand that makes itsuitable for either the treatmentroom or the reception area. Thephotographs, meticulous layout,and glossy, laminated paper areall first-rate.

Prospective patients willappreciate finding clinical situationssimilar to their own with attractiveand predictable outcomes.Indeed, Dr. Landau'satlas bridges the gap between patienteducation and professionalinternal marketing. Each andevery dentist--generalist or specialist--who has ever tried to explaina patient's particular estheticproblem and contemporarytreatment solutions willwant to own at least one copy ofthis book.


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