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  • McNamara and Brudon: Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (2001)
  • Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics



    554 pages. $195. 2001.

    Needham Press, Inc.

    P.O. Box 130530

    Ann Arbor, MI 48113

    (734) 668-6666; [url_new=http://www.needhampress.com]www.needhampress.com.[/url_new]

    Dr. McNamara is well knownto anyone even vaguely familiarwith the orthodontic literatureof the last 30 years. He virtuallyintroduced the field offunctional appliances to NorthAmerica, familiarizing U.S. orthodontistswith the work ofFränkel at a time when virtuallyall orthodontics practiced herewas directly descended from thework of Angle and his studentsTweed and Begg.

    In 1993, working with illustratorWilliam Brudon, Dr.McNamara produced Orthodonticand Orthopedic Treatment inthe Mixed Dentition, which hassince become the mixed-dentitionBible. The current text is anoutgrowth of that initial collaboration,despite the authors' decisionnot to call it a second edition.This work also deals significantlywith the mixed dentition;the authors note in the prefacethat "we have incorporated slenderizedand updated versions ofthe essential material from thattext".

    The scope of Orthodonticsand Dentofacial Orthopedics issubstantially broader, however.Fifteen colleagues contributed tothe book's 30 chapters. Virtuallyevery area of orthodontic practiceis covered, including dentaldevelopment, diagnosis andtreatment planning, toothsize/arch-size discrepancies, thetransverse dimension, and thevertical dimension. Individualchapters cover the Schwarz appliance,the twin block, the bionator,the Herbst, the JasperJumper, and, of course, Fränkel'sFunction Regulator.

    Other chapters are devotedto bonding, utility arches, transpalatalarches, and rapid palatalexpanders. James Hilgers collaboratedon a chapter covering thePendulum appliance and othermolar distalizers. Vincent Kokichcontributed two chapters:"Impacted Teeth: Orthodonticand Surgical Considerations"and "Managing Orthodontic-Restorative Treatment of theAdolescent Patient". Very littlein the way of clinical orthodonticsis left untouched by this text.

    Dr. McNamara is quick topoint out that he chose to "insertsome personal opinion (and, ofcourse, bias [author's parentheses])into most of the chapters".Given Dr. McNamara's reputation,most readers will considerthis a good thing.

    As in the first book, Mr.Brudon's line drawings contributeimmensely to the text'sreadability and clarity. The bookis also profusely illustrated withblack-and-white clinical photographs.Each chapter containsan extensive list of citations.

    All in all, the book is whatyou would expect from this authorand his collaborators: excellence.A theoretical scientificbasis backs up practical clinicalapplications in such a way thatthe reader comes away knowingnot only how to do a particularclinical technique, but why to doit as well. Strongly recommended.


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