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October 2014

Bob Keim: The Editor's Corner 

The State of the Specialty

...Intraoral scanners, once regarded as fantasy, are now rivaling the venerable technique of direct impressions. In fact, they already make it possible to operate a top-quality orthodontic practice without ever taking an impression. Likewise, we see rapid growth in the usage of digital radiography, cone-beam radiography, computerized imaging and analysis, and indirect bonding. . . .

On the cover: Usage of digital diagnostic methods in the 2014 JCO Study of Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Procedures (green) is compared to the 2008 (orange) and 2002 (blue) surveys

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October issue highlights

JCO INTERVIEWS Dr. Jim McNamara on Early Orthodontic and Orthopedic Treatment, Part 2

Treatment Planning for Orthodontic-Restorative Cases with SureSmile Technology

Petrov, Davidyan, Goonewardene:
TECHNIQUE CLINIC   [free access]
Incisor Retraction with a Compressed Open-Coil Spring

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