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December 2014

Bob Keim: The Editor's Corner 

The Extraction Debate

. . .The orthodontist's best clinical judgment, forged from extensive training at the hands of highly skilled senior clinicians and professors and honed through years of reflective practice and personal experience, will inform the extraction decision. Mastery of the worldwide body of orthodontic literature must be an integral part of a doctor's initial training and continuing professional development, because that literature represents the best available evidence for a skilled and conscientious practitioner to utilize in developing treatment plans with the patients' best interests in mind. . . . 

On the cover: Biomechanics of a retraction system with retromolar skeletal anchorage, as described by Drs. Agarwal, Shah, Yadav, and Nanda, are illustrated on this month's cover.

December issue highlights

Rinchuse, Busch, DiBagno, Cozzani
Extraction Treatment, Part 1: The Extraction vs. Nonextraction Debate

Wilmes, Neuschulz, Saffar, Braumann, Drescher
Protocols for Combining the Beneslider with Lingual Appliances in Class II Treatment

Gulec, Dogan, Seydaoglu
Clinical Evaluation of a New Bonded Space Maintainer

Keim, Gottlieb, Vogels, Vogels
2014 JCO Study of Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Procedures,
Part 3: Breakdowns by Prescription Appliance Use

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