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November 2014

Bob Keim: The Editor's Corner 

Something Old, Something New

A senior colleague once told me that if you ever think you have discovered something new in orthodontics, you should look a little deeper into the international literature from 75-100 years ago. You might be surprised at what you find. To be truly innovative, you probably have to stick to technologies that were unknown in the past, such as three-dimensional printing or computer-aided design and manufacturing. When it comes to biomechanics, it's virtually impossible to develop anything novel. . . 

On the cover: Dr. Ross Anderson's drawing "M.A.S.H. Orthodontic Office" appears on this month's cover. Full-size prints, framed or unframed (24" × 24"), will be available for purchase through www.fineartamerica.com. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

Ross Anderson's Mobile Orthodontic Office

November issue highlights

The Effect of Vibration on the Rate of Leveling and Alignment

A study measures the impact of a vibrating device on the
speed of orthodontic tooth movement.

Treatment with the Mandibular Arnold Expander

This expansion arch can resolve moderate tooth-size/
arch-length discrepancies.

Haeger and McGill  [free access]

Strategic Financial Statements for Better Practice Management

The authors describe standardized expense categories for producing
well-organized profit-and-loss statements.

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