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August 2014

Bob Keim: The Editor's Corner 

Star Trek Orthodontics

..."Computer: how far is it from Earth to the Crab Nebula?" The computer, in an alluring feminine voice, would immediately reply, "It is 6,523 light years." McCoy, the ship's physician, would "scan" each patient with a "tricorder" and come up with a diagnosis in short order. Of particular appeal to me was the "replicator", which could fabricate practically anything that would fit in the breadbox-size receiver, from food or coffee to repair parts....

On the cover: PolyJet photopolymerization is one of the three-dimensional printing technologies covered in the Overview by Drs. Groth, Kravitz, Jones, Graham, and Redmond. (See the June 2014 issue for their Overview of intraoral scanners.)

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