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Product News Published in September 2019 Issue

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Bracket System

LightForce brackets are fully customized for individual patients based on their specific treatment needs and anatomy, according to the company. Each bracket is digitally designed with proprietary software and fabricated using a patented three-dimensional printing process to allow more clinical control, precision, and predictability. The brackets and custom indirect bonding trays are shipped within 10 business days after clinician approval.

For more information, contact LightForce Orthodontics, 1035 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MA 02141. (800) 481-0185; www.lightforceortho.com.

Resin Cement

Self-etching, self-adhesive AbsoLute universal resin cement bonds easily and thoroughly to dentin without primer or conditioner, according to the manufacturer. The dual-cure resin features high flexural strength (42MPa) for durable adhesion. It is available in three shades, with either blunt or tapered tips.

For more information, contact Centrix, 770 River Road, Shelton, CT 06484. (800) 235-5862; www.centrixdental.com.

Autoclavable Gauge

The George Gauge can now be autoclaved for sterilization, according to Great Lakes Dental Technologies. Recommended especially for mandibular repositioning appliances, the device allows protrusive bite registration and vertical opening without relying on the patient for proper positioning, making it accurate and easy to use. The gauge is available in 2mm, 3mm, and 5mm sizes with long, short, or regular bite forks.

For more information, contact Great Lakes Dental Technologies, 200 Cooper Ave., Tonawanda, NY 14150. (800) 828-7626; www.greatlakesdentaltech.com.

Patient Chair

The new Independence Chair promotes patient comfort with multilayer foam cushions and an adjustable headrest. According to the manufacturer, the durable welded-steel chassis allows for an extra-thin back, providing a compact style with easier patient access. Clean-up and infection control are simplified because there are no exposed hinges or spaces between the cushions and chair frame. The chairs are available in 10 colors.

For more information, contact Ross Orthodontic, 880 Eastgate Road, Midlothian, TX 76065. (800) 247-4109; www.rossorthodontic.com.

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