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Product News Published in June 2019 Issue

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Clear Bracket Size

Symetri Clear ceramic twin brackets are now available in an .018" slot size. According to the manufacturer, these durable, low-profile brackets resist breakage, even with stainless steel ligatures, and have deep undercuts for double-tying. An optimized base pattern facilitates one-piece debonding. All Symetri Clear sizes use the MBT prescription.

For more information, contact Ormco, 1717 W. Collins Ave., Orange, CA 92867. (800) 854-1741; www.ormco.com.

Aligner Material

The multilayered design and elastomeric properties of Comfort­Track clear aligner material combine not only to reduce initial forces for improved patient comfort, but also to provide more effective force maintenance over seven days of wear, according to the manufacturer. The stain-resistant material was developed specifically for fabricating clear aligners.

For more information, contact Great Lakes Dental Technologies, 200 Cooper Ave., Tonawanda, NY 14150. (800) 828-7626; www.greatlakesdentaltech.com.

Bonding System

OptiBond eXTRa Universal is a two-component, self-etching adhesive system. Each kit includes a hydrophilic primer and a hydrophobic adhesive that provide strength and durability, according to the company. The adhesive bonds to tooth surfaces and to cements and composites of all types, without the need for auxiliary products.

For more information, contact KaVoKerr, 1717 W. Collins Ave., Orange, CA 92867. (800) 528-6577; www.kerrdental.com.

Class II Corrector

Using gentle, intrusive force vectors, the VektorPRO Class II Corrector can achieve results in six months or less without tipping the maxillary arch or extruding anterior teeth, according to the company. This easy-to-install, fixed intraoral appliance generates forces of only 3.5oz. The vector control module is constructed from nickel titanium for durability, and a silicone sleeve protects the soft tissues to enhance patient comfort.

For more information, contact TP Orthodontics, Inc., 100 Center Plaza, La Porte, IN 46350. (800) 348-8856; www.tportho.com.

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