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Product News Published in April 2019 Issue

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Intraoral Scanner

The TRIOS 4 introduces dual-location caries detection in an intraoral scanner. According to the manufacturer, the built-in fluorescent technology assists in early detection of surface caries without additional scanning. Later this year, the first transillumination “smart tip,” featuring instant-heat technology and a longer battery life, will be available for identifying interproximal caries.

For more information, contact 3Shape North America, 10 Independence Blvd., Suite 150, Warren, NJ 07059. (908) 867-0144; www.3shapedental.com.


SmartArch laser-engineered Copper NiTi archwires apply seven distinct force zones, with increased posterior stiffness to engage the molars beginning with the first wire and avoid disengagement from buccal tubes. According to the manufacturer, the improved clinical precision of this biomechanical design promotes smoother and quicker finishing, potentially allowing transition to the finishing archwire after just two SmartArch wires.

For more information, contact Ormco, 1717 W. Collins Ave., Orange, CA 92867. (800) 854-1741; www.ormco.com.

Bonding Kit

Reliance’s ASK All Surface Kit contains everything needed for effective bonding to all surfaces, according to the company. Included in the kit are Assure Plus Bonding Resin for use on all surfaces, wet or dry, including zirconia, composite resin, and acrylic; Porcelain Conditioner for bonding to porcelain; and an Etchmaster four-hole handpiece adapter with lingual and regular tips for cases that require sandblasting.

For more information, contact Reliance Orthodontic Products, 1540 W. Thorndale Ave., Itasca, IL 60143. (800) 323-4348; www.relianceorthodontics.com.

Online Simulation Tool

SmileView is an online tool that allows prospective patients to see how they might look with new, straighter smiles. According to the company, the patient simply takes a smiling selfie, and within 60 seconds the system uses a database of more than 6 million cases to create a simulated image of the person’s face and smile after Invisalign treatment. A consultation with an Invisalign specialist can then be requested. SmileView is currently available on consumer websites in the United States, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, and Poland, with more markets to be added in the future.

For more information, contact Align Technology, Inc., 2820 Orchard Parkway, San Jose, CA 95134. (408) 470-1000; www.aligntech.com.

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