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JCO Product News published in August 2012

Ceramic Bracket

NeoLucent Plus low-profile ceramic brackets blend with natural tooth colors and feature a smooth finish and optimal color consistency for a virtually invisible appearance, according to the manufacturer. The bracket's "Crunch COAT" base contains fine alumina particles, providing a larger surface area for adhesive, and is designed for consistent debonding at the base-adhesive interface to prevent damage to the enamel.

For more information, contact Ortho Organizers, 1822 Aston Ave., Carlsbad, CA 92008. (800)547-2000; www.orthoorganizers.com.

Check-In Application

Tops Software has released an iPad app that allows patients to check in for appointments using an iPad touchscreen, freeing up counter space otherwise occupied by a keyboard and monitor. Office computers using topsOrtho software are updated automatically and immediately, according to the company. System requirements include an iPad running iOS 5, a Wi-Fi connection, and the most current version of topsOrtho software.

For more information, contact tops Software, 2621 Sandy Plains Road, Suite 102, Marietta, GA 30066. (770) 627-2527; www.topsortho.com.

Expander Screw

The Stealth Slender Expansor Screw is the smallest singlearm expansion screw available, according to the manufacturer, featuringĀ a strong, compact mechanism without external welds for reduced plaque collection. The extra-long arms (68mm) are internally attached to resist stresspoint breakage. Two sizes are available: 12.5mm wide, providing 8mm of expansion; and 16mm wide, providing 11mm of expansion. Each screw comes with the new Smart Key for easier patient activation.

For more information, contact American Tooth Industries, Inc., 1200 Stellar Drive, Oxnard, CA 93033. (800) 242-9986; www.americantooth.com.

Disposable Bib Holders

Two bib holders designed to prevent cross-contamination are offered by DUX Dental. Singleuse Snap-Its, made with recyclable plastic, snap into place in the traditional manner, allowing adjustment or replacement if a patient needs to leave the dental chair temporarily. Bib-Eze disposable bib holders, made from a comfortable, lightweight, elasticized fiber, are fastened with selfadhesive ends.

For additional information, contact DUX Dental, 600 E. Hueneme Road, Oxnard, CA 93033. (800) 833-8267; www.duxdental.com.

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