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Orthodontist as a team member-emphasised! Options · View
Posted: Saturday, August 1, 2009 9:21:04 PM

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Once again a timely and relevant subject on JCO editorial July-2009."Team,Team,Team"! In the era of Adult orthodontics and interdisciplinary treatment approaches, one has to change the mindset and outlook.
While appreciating the points well mentioned in the editorial, I would like to add some of the excrepts from my lecture at the All India orthodontic Post-Graduate Convention, 2009 entitled "Adult orthodontics-Expectations,Challenges,and Possibilities: A realistic Overview."
By professional pedigree,(Angle) most of us are solo players and dwell in our own exclusive orthodontic practice circle.In a 'flat world' with level playing field(Thomas Friedman) one has to learn to be even or lesser member in a team. 'It is good to be in a team, it is still better to be in a winning team' should be the spirit. The hare and turtle story is retold with this message.
From the era of 'control and command' we have to reach out to 'communicate and collaborate' in the interest of better patient care.
The orthodontist has to shed his 'King of Jungle' ego and interact with specialists of other branches of dentistry with clear communication skills. This also demands a knowledge of what orthodontics can do and what it can't do-needing other disciplines to support, maintain and protect the health and integrity of the masticatory apparatus.
Even games like cricket have become totally team centred rather than individual centred. So also Hollywood and Bollywood!
Need of the hour for orthodontists to be 'Team playing'rather than solo performance.Many a situations orthodontist has to be 'second fiddler, or lesser one depending on the patient's problem.
Congratulations once again to Robert Keim, for a really worthwhile and contemporary piece of wisdom.
Jayaram Mailankody.
Calicut, India
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