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Treatment duration and research directions Options · View
Posted: Thursday, July 6, 2006 11:07:06 AM

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Your editorial (JCO, June 2006) opens up two more important dimensions of orthodontics:
1. Methods to reduce the treatment duration need to be explored. The work by Liou and Huang on periodontal/septal distraction (AJO-DO 114:372-382, 1998) shows canine retraction (distraction) in 21 days in humans without any deleterious effects. This idea has been experimented with in India, in more than one center, and the results are encouraging.
2. The direction of research is usually linked solely to commerce (provider of funds) rather than patients' benefit or doctors' convenience. The market elements want to keep the control as well as the profits solely at their end, reducing the patient to a gullible consumer and the orthodontist to a mere vendor. They will diagnose, plan treatment, design and fabricate appliances, and ship them to the orthodontist for a fat fee. In turn, the orthodontist can add his "margin" and deliver the "goods" to unsuspecting/gullible patients. Isn't this true?
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